– Learn What Works and Put it into Action is an official google website that comes with test my site features. This feature allows users to test their site, thereby finding out how mobile-friendly their site is.

However, test load times across both mobile and desktop devices. The Test My Site is a no-charge tool offered by Google which assesses the speed of your mobile site and offers recommendations to enhance your mobile site experience.

Furthermore, the feature makes use of data from Lighthouse to provide custom recommendations to improve your page speed and site speed. Including best practices and recommended resources to improve your overall experience based on what matters to customers.

Google with me- Test My Site intends to help start the conversation with your technical teams to create an optimization plan that incorporates the recommended fixes into your roadmap. And it is intended for both marketers and developers.

The tool includes tech-specific recommendations meant for developers as well as suggestions on how marketers can address any organizational hurdles.

How to Use The Recommendations?

For Marketers: share the personalized report with your technology or IT department to start the conversation around. Also include the recommended fixes to your roadmap.

For developers: use the tech-specific fixes located in the developer field of the report to improve your overall mobile speed and experience.

Is it Relevant to your Small business and Small Website?

Every business needs to be on the good side of Google, mostly for businesses with an online presence. However,  when people want products or services, whether to research purchase decisions or to actually buy now, they search online.

And we all know that Google is by far the biggest search engine globally. And what matters to Google matters to you and your business.  Also, the platform is currently testing websites and encourages you to test yours.

Even if you are subscribing to one of the many monthly SEO packages available from different SEO companies, doing SEO yourself, or simply letting nature take its’ course it is worth finding out what Google thinks of your efforts.

How can Think with Google Help my Marketing Strategy?

The platform takes information from digital search metrics to create compelling and actionable articles that can help digital marketers enhance their strategies with proven, timely suggestions.

Google Analytics is the standard website data collection tool. They have access to the most current and accurate data from how big brands are creating more engaging mobile experiences, to in-the-moment online shopping trends.

So, due to Google is now interested in helping marketers use their platforms more efficiently, they take large industry concepts and break them into digestible articles and actionable tips for small and medium-sized businesses.

Five Ways Think with Google Can Be Used to Promote Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

To promote your digital marketing campaigns, here are what think Google helps you to do;

Make Sense of Data

The world-leading search platform(google) takes the facts and figures they collect and gives you suggestions on how to make sense of them, and also how to use them to your advantage.

Trend Awareness

With this tool, you will learn how trends change by the year or season. This will enable you to know the content to publish at one point in time.

Emerging Best Practices

Lots of people check online to see if a nearby store is carrying what they want. And most shoppers say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store.

However, if someone is searching online for a product, and can search inventory and see that it’s in a nearby store, they may go to the store to buy it for instant gratification.

Online product info, and feedback like positive customer reviews, encourage the sale. This simply means that an online store can play a role in the sales of a brick-and-mortar store.

Learn The Peek Behind the Real Digital Campaigns

Learn how companies like BestBuy created digital campaigns that lead to a direct boost in sales. Take for instance; Best Buy’s mobile buying guides come with a store pickup link to give customers the option to buy online and pick up in-store. And lots of customers would always go for website Shopping.

So, by using real data to determine how customers are using their site and also making those functions easier, companies created happy customers and more sales.

Learn What Works and Put it into Action

Think with Google provides timely digestible articles with helpful suggestions that can lead to greater success in your digital marketing campaigns. – How To Testmysite

To test your website is very simple, with these few steps;

  • Visit google Testmysite official page
  • Enter your domain name
  • Click “Enter”

It’s as easy as that.

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