Activate – How to Activate Tntdrama Across all your Devices Activate? Do you want to activate tntdrama on Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, or DirecTV? If yes, I encourage you to read to the end. Tntdrama is one of the best tv streaming services with amazing content. No wonder lots of people are eager to download and activate the channel on their various devices. Activate

Furthermore, the service is accessible in over 200 countries across the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Activate

You can activate this tv channel on most of your favorite devices like; Roku, Amazon fire stick, Apple TV, and Direct Tv.

Without activating the content on any of the above devices, you won’t be able to enjoy the amazing content it offers.

How to Activate Tntdrama on Roku

Here is the procedure on how to activate the service on your Roku devices.

  • Turn on your Roku
  • Download and install the Tntdrama app for Roku
  • Open the application and go to the Settings section
  • Choose the activation option and note the activation code that displays on the screen
  • Then, move to and select your device
  • Fill in your Roku login information
  • Next, select your TV service provider
  • Input the Roku activation code and click on the “submit” button.

You can now wait for a few minutes to receive a confirmation message, after which you can start enjoying TNT drama content.

How to Activate Tntdrama on Amazon Fire Stick

To watch TNT on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, do this;

  • Progress to your fire stick store
  • Download and install the TNT drama app on the Amazon Fire Stick device
  • Open the tntdrama app and visit the Settings section
  • Click on the “activate” option and note down the activation code that displays on the screen
  • Move to and choose Fire Stick as your device
  • Choose your TV service provider from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the Firestick activation code
  • Then press on “submit” button

You will receive a confirmation message notifying you of the successful activation. Then, you can start streaming all of your favorite TNT content on Fire Stick.

How to Activate Tntdrama on Apple TV

To activate and stream TNT drama content on Apple TV, follow this guide;

  • Power on your Apple TV
  • Go to the app store and download and install the TNT drama channel
  • Launch the app you just downloaded and go to the Settings section
  • Press on the “Activate” option and take note of the code on the screen
  • Visit your browser and search for and select your device (Apple TV)
  • Select your TV service provider and then input the activation code
  • Go ahead and submit

You will receive a notification message for the successful activation of the TNT Drama app on Apple TV. This same procedure also works for your Direct TV.

How to Activate Tntdrama on your Xbox

You can stream TNT content on Xbox One or Xbox 360 devices. So, to activate the service, do the following;

  • Turn on your Xbox
  • Then, download and install the TNT app on your Xbox
  • Move to the app’s location on the device and launch it
  • Hit on the Settings section on the app’s interface and select the “activate” option. You will see the activation code. Copy the code
  • On your browser, search for and select Xbox as your device
  • Choose your TV service provider from the drop-down list
  • Fill in the activation code and tap on submit

Once the request is approved, you can now stream all of the best content on Xbox.

TNT activation code is not working? What you should do?

During the activation process, if you do not see the activation code or you simply can’t get to the activation page, here are a few things you need to do.

  1. Try to restart your device
  2. After restarting your device if the problem persists, recheck your internet
  3. Lastly, confirm whether TNT is down

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