Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs In USA for Immigrants

Discover the Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs In USA For Immigrants in this article. Are you planning to Immigrate to the US, if yes, you will need a job to keep you going. There are many suitable jobs you can find in the US as an Immigrant, read on to learn more about the appointments.

Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs In USA For Immigrants

If you are planning to move to the United States to look for a better life, you must equip yourself with the kind of job you can get faster in the US which is the reason for this article. Below are the top 10 good-paying jobs in the USA for foreigners.

Software engineer jobs are one of the jobs in high demand in the US. Because of the rapid growth of information technology, this profession is in high demand. Their role is to design, develop, maintain, and evaluate software, applications, or systems that make the software work.

2. Plumbing Job

Plumbers are in high demand right now in America, because, not minding how modern a building is constructed there will come a time for water system maintenance, leakages, and blockages here, and there needs the attention of professional plumbers. However, city construction and maintenance need the services of plumbers.

3. Truck Driver Job

The truck driver job is one profession that is making waves in the USA right now. With modern technology and the coming of a driverless car, truck driving is now made simple. Most healthy adults with sound knowledge of driving can handle the truck. It is no longer a job for the hard guys. Therefore get a driver’s license and Google Maps you’re on your way to good pay.

4. Healthcare Jobs

As of 2018, almost 2.6 million immigrants, plus 314,000 refugees, worked in health care, with about 1.5 million working as physicians, registered nurses, and pharmacists. Immigrants overrepresent certain healthcare jobs. And these healthcare jobs come with good pay.

5. Manufacturing and Production

In America, about 2.1 million immigrants labor in jobs farming, collecting, processing, and selling food and services, playing an important part in feeding America.

While immigrants made up 17% of all civilian-employed employees in the United States between 2014 and 2018, they played a disproportionate role in food production. Thus, they also Account for 22 percent of workers in the United States food and production supply chain.

6. Physician Assistant

If you are a qualified medical doctor from your country, you cannot just move to the US and begin to practice your profession, it takes a long process, further training, and patience before you join them. Due to this, you can start as a physician assistant, which requires a few years to acquire and start practices under the supervision of a licensed physician.

7. Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician is a medical professional working under a qualified pharmacist. They are in good demand right now because of the increased health or drug needs of people and shortages of a pharmacist who must have a Doctor of Pharmacy as well as a license before practicing.

However, a pharmacy technician is one who dispenses medications to patients in accordance with prescriptions from medical doctors.

8. Security personnel

Security job is a common job for new arrivals. Just as America is facing unprecedented mad and insane shooters, shooting people anyhow, there is a big increase in demand for security personnel. To take this job, you will undertake a few weeks of training in weapon handling and training or surveillance training, you can obtain a security job with good pay in the USA.

9. Electrician

The electrician is required to carry out critical maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to electrical systems within the existing home and public buildings in the US right now.

And If you have the basic technical know-how in this field, it is advisable you start searching for schools in the US where you can do further training to obtain the certificate and necessary license to qualify you to practice in the US.

10. Mechanic and Service Technician

In the US, there are many manufacturing companies and service outlets that are waiting to employ mechanics and back it up with good pay. This job is one of the most sought jobs right now in the US.

With this profession comes the possibility of establishing your own workshop, being independent, and earning more. However, Mechanic and service technician is one of the top 20 jobs with good pay in the USA for foreigners.

So, if you are a mechanic or rewire as the name implies here, and you have basic qualifications, quickly find your way to North America and earn it big instead of wasting your talent here on pay that cannot take you home.

How to Apply for US Jobs for Foreigners

To apply for USA job do the following;

  • Progress to
  • Tap on the Menu tab
  • choose the Find Job tab
  • Enter the Job title, keywords, or company
  • Type in City, province, or “remote”
  • Hit on the Find Job tab
  • Progress with the directives on the screen to apply for the job

The above are steps on how to apply for jobs in the US

What is the best job for immigrants in USA?

Top Jobs In the US for Immigrants

  • Construction.
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture and Engineering.
  • Hospitality.
  • Healthcare.

Which job gives more salary in USA?

Highest-Paying Careers in the US, Include the following;

  • An Obstetrician and Gynecologist $208,000+
  • Ophthalmologists, Except Pediatric $208,000+
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons $208,000+

What kind of Jobs do most immigrants have?

The report finds that immigrants workers are employed in a broad range of occupations—with

  • 23% in managerial and professional occupations
  • 21 percent in technical, sales, and administrative support occupations.
  • 18 percent work as operators, fabricators
  • 21 percent in service occupations


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