Top 15 Quick Certifications that pay well in 2023

Speaking of Top 15 Quick Certifications that pay well, Getting a quick certification is an easy way to get increased wages, promotions, or switch jobs. There are several certifications offered through renowned providers that pay well. Certificate programs are short-term training programs, they can also be seen as alternative degree programs that can help develop skills and experiences.

Top 15 Quick Certifications that pay well

There are several certificate options that can be completed depending on the jobs you want to pursue. Some certificate programs can be completed in six months or less, while some may take a longer period, two or more years. With these quick certification programs, you can acquire jobs faster and start earning as soon as possible. Here is a list of 15 quick certifications that pay well;

#1 Web Development

This is a very common certification program that pays well. Web developers create, design, and maintain websites. They have access to different job options. Some work with computer systems design companies, marketing firms, or departments, while others are self-employed.

#2 Surgical Technology

Surgical Technology is one of the quickest certificate programs that pay well in 2022. Professionals in this field prepare operating rooms in hospitals, sterilize patients, arrange pieces of equipment and assist doctors during surgeries.

#3 Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide

Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide is one of the best certificate programs that offer quick schooling. Professionals in this field work together with physical therapists to help patients recover quickly. With a certificate in this field, you can work in hospitals, the healthcare industry, and nursing care facilities.

#4 Phlebotomy Tech

A Phlebotomist collects blood for individual testing and researches possibilities for donations. They are meant to explain to patients why and how they will be taking their blood. There are several job opportunities available for Phlebotomists, they can work in donor centers, laboratories as well as hospitals.

#5 Pharmacy Technician Professional

This is also one of the quick certifications that pay well. Professionals in this field most times work under the supervision of a pharmacist to help prepare medical prescriptions. They are in charge of handling customer interactions, and they work in a retail pharmacy or healthcare facility.

#6 Flight Attendant

The duty of a flight attendant is to serve aircraft passengers and also provide assistance. In this field, you have the opportunity to travel all over the world.

#7 Industrial Engineering Technology

This is another quick certification that pays well. Industrial Engineering Technicians assist industrial engineers to revise methods of operation, and equipment layout at industrial sites.

#8 Electroneuro Diagnostic Technology

Electroneuro Diagnostic Technologists help patients that are having neurodiagnostic testing. The main role they play is to monitor patients during surgery. They primarily work in hospitals, sleep centers, clinics, or laboratories.

#9 Professional Coder

A professional coder’s duty is to review medical records and assign codes for each diagnosis and treatment. They prepare coded information for use by health care insurers or for research. They mostly work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

#10 Medical Front Office Administration Specialist

This certification offers various job opportunities. They perform a variety of administrative tasks such as compiling medical records, transferring lab results, operating office pieces of equipment, and scheduling appointments. They work in clinics, physician offices, and hospitals.

#11 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Paramedic

Professionals in this field of study stabilize patients, manage fractures insert IV lines, deliver babies, and many more. They provide oxygen as well as deliver CPR.

#12 Behavioral Technician Specialists

Behavioral Technician Specialists work under the supervision of Board Certified Behavior Analysts to create great positive changes for patients. They can work in medical centers, mental facilities, schools, and childhood development centers.

#13 Carpentry

This is a high-paying job you can earn with on—the—job training and minimum education requirements. Professionals in this field build homes and frameworks for different types of structures.

#14 Electrician

An electrician installs, maintains, and fixes electrical wiring in homes or buildings. They also monitor smart gadgets, electrical systems, cameras, and others.

#15 Hearing Aid Specialists

This is also one of the quick certifications that pay well without the need to pursue a bachelor’s degree. They evaluate the extent of the patient’s hearing loss and also recommend the ideal hearing aid based on test results.

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