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Wattpad Stories is the largest social storytelling platform that offers story content. At www.wattpad.com  you will access or read the most popular best stories. However, Wattpad is a social reading website intended for users to read and write original stories.

Wattpad Stories

It was founded by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen, the storytelling platform aims to create social communities around stories, and clear the barriers between readers and writers.

Also, on the platform, you can write and publish stories, or just read stories written by other users. If you’re looking for a great storytelling website or for a place to show your story-generating talent, Wattpad.com is that place.

Moreover, in this write-up, you will be accessing a list of best completed, stories including Hot, romantic, and trendy stories. So, don’t be in a hurry to leave. This article is fully loaded, endeavor to read to the end, as you squeeze out the juice in this article.

Wattpad Stories

One of the amazing things about this platform is that it offers stories in different languages! O yes! Wattpad has stories available in over 50 languages.

It also has about 300,000 writers from 35 countries that take part every year in the largest writing competition, the Watty Awards. No wonder the platform is fully loaded with content, seeing lots of writers ready to showcase their talent.

However, some of these stories are being transformed into TV dramas and movies. As of November 2021, Wattpad has a monthly audience of over 90 million users, who can interact with the writers directly and share their opinions with fellow readers.

Best Wattpad Stories to Read Online

Below are some of the best Wattpad stories to read online.

Boot Camp by giwriter

About: After running away from her problems for 4 years – her inability to run a mile ironically being one of them – eighteen-year-old Whitney Carmichael knows a fitness cam… find out more on the page. [Completed]

His Evil Ways by AlmostPsycho

About: According to the writer, wondering how an injury in the penis can cause brain damage? I am no doctor but I can tell there must be a very long nerve that directly connects from his pee-pee’s head. Get full content on their website.

Unsnarling Anna by Luhvblack by Iamnotfat

The CEO Billionaire & Secretary themed story. Begins: 7th July 2020 Completed: 5th December 2020.

Vindicta by Feisty_Freak by Geetika Tokhi


Deal With the Devil by WeAreOk


Running with His Child  by ItsLayLayH

About: After being involved with a cold-hearted mafia boss, Robyn Lehman decides its time to run. Not knowing she was carrying the future heir to his entire empire.… [Complete]

The Alpha’s Warrior by Lmarie1313

About: It’s about a brave warrior Rey [Complete]

The New Me by thebarbiegirl95

About: About someone lamenting of how one of his best friends embarrassed him.

Rejected and pregnant by aidenall

About: the story is about a missing father, a whore of a mother and a brother who is emotionally abusive and angry when around her. [Complete]

Someone Like Adam by MAHUM


The Shadow of the Past by H.Mia

About: The story’s about Tristan Sullivan an untamed womanizer, the spoiled heir of billion dollars company, and without any doubt a devilishly handsome man. [Complete]

Here are some of the best stories, you can find out more at www.wattpad.com

Love stories on wattpad

Check out the stories under the Romance category

Hired to Love by Jordan Lynde

About: the story is about Henley who agrees to pretend to date millionaire Bennett Calloway for a fee, falling in love as she wonders Complete

Entangled by Arden Hall

About: the story is about November Lace thought Bermuda Boarding School was hell until she started crushing on the Head Boy, Christian Dumont. [Complete]

Knowing Xavier Hunt by Daisy

A Free: previously a paid story

About: the story is about Haley When she discovers the truth behind Xavier, whose silence holds a deeper meaning, she sets her mind on making his life better. [Complete]

Loving Ashe by Liz Durano

About: the story is about a Twenty-three-year-old Riley Eames is still haunted by the heartbreak from three years ago. And after the unexpected encounter with rising Hollywood star Ashe Hunter… [Complete]

Boot Camp by gigi

About: the story is about a girl, after running away from her problems for four years – her inability to run a mile ironically being one of them – eighteen-year-old Whitney Carmichael knows a fitness cam… [Complete]

Broken Hope (boyxboy) by PositivelyDazed

About: the story is about Keegan, a boy who loves affection. He’s usually quite peppy and excitable, but everything in life has turned against him. [Complete]

The Hybrid by millie-wolf

About: the story is about Kelsie Rush, who was destined to do great things, she just doesn’t know it yet. Though she believes she is a regular girl just like everyone else…

Reborn as the Mayor’s Girlfriend by orientalfairy

About: the story is about Ryzen Ferrada who is a renowned young doctor in the country. And well-known and respected in the field due to her skills and beauty. [Complete]

Her Plan (Fake marriage) by Pearl

About: the story is about Alexa, who is faking her marriage to a player just to escape her dramatic family… [Complete]

For more stories on romance, kindly visit their Official page at www.wattpad.com

Best Wattpad Stories [Completed]

Here are the best complete stories on the platform

  • Red Riding Hood BxM By Too much inspiration
  • Absolutely, 100%, completely, not allowed. By Ry
  • A cutie for big and tough vampires by ncis_4ever#3
  • His Obsession || Book One by XBeautyBrainsX#4
  • Hood shit Editing by jaydawayda_
  • Sold By Jamie Stone
  • The Arcana x Reader Scenarios {Book One} {Finished} by Curseblood17
  • Talk Like That ~ dreamnotfound by meep_03
  • Insanity by leah
  • Jane and Alec’s mate (Bella’s sister) by ncis_4ever
  • Call Me By My Name (A Drarry Fanfic) by queen_pepe_bitch
  • Passion by Ziidadonn
  • For My Eyes ONLY by cutestcurly
  • Mated to 4 volturi guards by ncis_4ever
  • Protect at All Costs | Edward Scissorhands x Reader (Finished) by KindaWeirdoo
  • The Boy Who Never Lived by AmyAmesburg
  • His?- (Louis Partridge friends to lovers) by partridgeloll

To read any of the stories or find more stories, go to www.wattpad.com


What Wattpad Story Is Best?

Wattpad has a lot of stories that you can read and download. These books are not just readable but you will certainly enjoy them. Some of the best books are A Simple deception, The secret attachment, Have hope, A defiant Liaison, and many more.

How Do You Read an 18+ Story on Wattpad?

If you want to read a book that is rated 18+, all you need to do is to go to your homepage. Tap on Content preferences then mature. Turn it on to begin reading.

Who Is The Queen Of Wattpad?

Jonahmae Panen Pacala is the queen of wattpad.

Where Can I Find Good Stories On Wattpad?

If you are looking for the perfect place to find excellent and captivating stories, check the homepage of the platform.

Does Anyone Still Use Wattpad?

Wattpad is on of the most used platform in the world and it has more than 70 million users.

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