Where can I buy FEG? A lot of people have been asking this question and if you are among them then you are in the right place. In this article, you will get all the information you need about this coin.

Where can I buy FEG

There are several wallets available to buy coins but using Trust Wallet will be better. Before you can use this wallet, you will have to create an account as it is necessary. You will get the steps on how to buy FEG below.

What is FEG

FEG Token began trading in February 2021 on Ethereum and also on the Binance Smart chain. According to FEGtoken websites about 56 quadrillion tokens of this coin have been burned on Binance Smart Chain’s network and 58 quadrillion coins on the Ethereum network.

This leaves a maximum supply of about 44 quadrillion tokens on BSC and 42 quadrillion tokens in Ethereum. FEG is a deflationary currency and this means the token becomes more scarce as time goes on.

Where Can I Buy FEG Coin? Check Below to Get Answer

Now let consider the question Where Can I Buy FEG Coin. It will be better if you buy this coin using Trust Wallet. A lot of wallets are available but this one is one of the best. This is because of its security feature. You can download this Wallet from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iPhones and iOS devices.

How to Buy FEG Coin

Below, I will provide the steps on How to Buy FEG Coin and you are to follow them according to avoid making mistakes. You will need another cryptocurrency to purchase it as you can buy the coin with direct cash. The steps you need are in the list below

  • Connect your device to the internet
  • Visit the Google play store or App Store
  • Search for Trust Wallet
  • Once seen, install the app using the normal steps
  • Once it is done installing, open the app and create a new wallet
  • Navigate to BNB and tap “Buy BNB”
  • Type in the amount you like to buy in USD and click the next button once you are done
  • You will be prompted to purchase BNB with your debit or credit card all you have to do is wait as the transaction is being processed
  • Go back to the Trust Wallet’s main page to see the BNB you now have
  • Tap on BNB
  • Select “More”
  • Click “Swap to Smart Chain”
  • Under “Swap,” tap anywhere within the BNB “You Pay” space. This will bring up four options: 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Tap “100%” to transfer 100% of your BNB to Smart Chain.
  • Click “Swap,” hit “Submit”.

How to Use Pancake Swap to Convert Smart Chain to FEG

If you are an android user, you can skip the first steps that will be provided below. But if you have an iOS device, you will need them

  • Open Safari
  • type “trust://browser_enable.” A prompt will appear with the following message: “Open this page in ‘trust’?” Tap “Open”
  • Tap on “Browser” in the trust Wallet app and this can be found on the bottom taskbar but in android devices, instead of Browser, you will see the word “dApps”
  • Now, tap “PancakeSwap”
  • On the top-right corner, tap the “Connect” button
  • Click “TrustWallet”
  • Click “Select a Currency” and type in “FEG” into the search bar
  • A notice will pop up to inform you that FEG taxes a 10% fee on each transaction.
  • On the top-right corner, tap on the icon next to the time symbol, and as requested by PancakeSwap, set your slippage tolerance to 12%.
  • To save and exit the window, tap “X”
  • Select “Swap” and confirm your action
  • Click “View on BscScan”

How to See FEG in your Trust Wallet

Follow the steps below to enable FEG in your Trust Wallet

  • Copy the FEG Contact Address “0xacfc95585d80ab62f67a14c566c1b7a49fe91167”
  • Go to the Trust Wallet main page
  • Click the blue icon on the top-right corner and scroll down
  • Click on “Add Custom Token.” Change the network from Ethereum to Smart Chain.
  • paste FEG Contract Address under “Contract Address,”
  • Tap “Save”

That’s all for the topic Where can I buy FEG? You can get more information from Google.


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