WOW New Race | About the World of Warcraft New Race

WOW New Race – World of Warcraft’s ninth expansion, Dragonflight, was revealed in August 2022 in a showcase of what players should expect from its contents. They have been exciting details about a new race; class and professions and what the Dragon Isles will offer. We have been hearing rumours of the Dragon Isle for a long while now, it’s intriguing to finally have a chance to explore it.

WOW New Race | About the World of Warcraft New Race

After two years of releasing the Shadowlands, Blizzard wants to bring back what the modern World of Warcraft looks like. Following the revelation of the Dragonflight, it has gained popularity more than the other MMO races. Blizzard has done lots of exclusive and realistic updates on WoW’s orcs and elves because of the new race expansion. Gamers will be welcomed to a new world of WoW games filled with Dragons and new professions.

In a conversation, WoW associate game director Morgan Day pointed out the New Dracthyr’s Dragonflight abilities such as the ability to fly in the sky, breathe fire out of its mouth, chase enemies away with its wings and whip enemies with its tail.

About the WoW New Race

B lizard announced that a new race will be added to its latest Dragonflight released called the Dracthyr. The new race Dracthyr revolves around the dragon descent but can turn into humans if needed. Also, the new race comes with a new class called the Evoker.

However, the Evoker is a class that only Dracthyr characters can choose it. The Evoker class is the first ever ranged class Blizzard added to the World of Warcraft, previously released classes were melee-focused. These new classes will be able to offer two specializations both spellcaster specialization (Devastation) and healing specialization 9preservation).

World of Warcraft is really putting efforts to make the game classic and realistic by adding upgrades and updates to the new race and class. For instance, the Dracthyr comes with an updated UI (user interface) and some changes in class professions. In addition to this, WoW is set to upgrade existing systems such as a revamp of the game’s talent system, new tools, and new professional equipment

Players of the Dracthyr can get a customizable dragon as a companion. The new race is a whole new kind of fight system and is designed to be much more fascinating than the previous games.

WoW New Class

The WoW new class is called The Evoker. It is the first-ever ranged class Blizzard added to the World of Warcraft.  All other previous classes like Demon Hunters, Monks and Death Knights were melee-focused.

But, the new Evoker class will be able to wear mail armour and offer both spellcaster (Devastation) and healing (Preservation) specialization. The Evokers are similar to the Dragon doesn’t because there are able to chase people away with their wings and also breathe fire out of their mouths.

However, the new race/class combo is quite similar to the Demon Hunters from Legion expansion which can either be Night Elves and the Alliance or Blood Elves and Horde. But the Dracthyr and Evokers are one with loads of customizing options to make your character different from other characters.

WoW New Race Dragonflight Released Date?

The official WoW Dragonflight release date has not been officially announced. However, rumours have it that the date is around the corner. The Dragonflight is expected to be launched very soon.

Also, Blizzard announces that it will be having an opt-in alpha before the release date. Before then, you can watch the new expansion’s improvements and additions across different deep-dive developer’s videos on the World of Warcraft YouTube channel.

FAQs On the World of Warcraft New Race Expansion

Here are some of the frequently asked questions with answers about the New WoW race Dragonflight.

What is New in the WoW Dragonflight

The WoW Dragonflight features new race/class combinations in a single game. Players will have to select a single class and race as one.

What is the WoW Dragonflight New Race Called?

The WoW Dragon New Race is called the Dracthyr.

What is the WoW Dragonflight New Class called?

The Dragonflight New Class is called the Evokers

What is the official release date of the Dragonflight?

The official Dragonflight release date is not been officially announced yet.

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