Wow Speed Test | How to Check your internet speed Using wow Tool

Do you know that you can measure the exact internet speed of your smartphone or would you like to know how fast your phone’s internet speed is? WoW Speed Test is a free tool that allows you to measure your WoW internet speed. With the WoW speed test tool, you can get the correct, real-time read of your internet speed although, there are lots of speed test websites.

Wow Speed Test

Additionally, whether WoW is your direct internet provider or you use a different internet provider, the WOW speed test can show you the precise statistics of your internet connection. This means that the speed test can be used to test any internet provider. It is also simple to use and less time demanding. If you want to test your WoW’s internet speed, this blog post will help you.

How to check your internet speed Using wow Tool

Checking your internet speed with the WOW test tool is easy and fast. And, it will help you measure how fast or slow your internet connection is within a minute. Meanwhile, there are certain factors that are used to rate your internet connection such as WiFi speed test, download test, latency test, ping test, and upload test.

Also, you can run your test yourself without the need for professional IT personnel. Follow these steps below to measure your Internet Speed.

  • Ensure your device is connected to the internet, a wired connection is most preferable.
  • Turn off all unused connected devices.
  • Go to or
  • On the homepage, click on the “Go’ tab
  • Once you click on the GO Tab, the tool will gather the data of your internet speed.
  • Lastly, once the test is completed, you will receive detailed reports on your download, upload, jitter, ping, and server speed.

The WOW speed test tool will give you an instant result of your internet speed (download speed test and upload speed test) and detailed data statics of your internet connection.


About WOW

WOW also known as WideOpenWest internet service provider is a top broadband service provider in the United States with over 850,600 subscribers. They offer gobs of exclusive and reliable internet services such as broadband, telephony services, and cable to residential customers and businesses.

Founded in 1999, WOW provides digital services which include high-speed internet, cable, HDTV, DVRs, and phone services.

How does WOW Speed Test Work?

Wow internet speed Test is a free tool by Astound Broadband. It is basically used to measure the amount of internet speed you receive while you surf the internet. Again, it allows you to check the speed of your internet or Wi-Fi connection and see if you have to maximize your performance.

WOW! Speed Test works in a simple way and it has a user-friendly interface that even if you are new to the website you can easily navigate through it. 80%  of netizens make use of the WOW speed test tool to check their internet speed.

Using the Wow speed test to check your internet or WiFi speeds is easy and a click away, but before checking your internet speed, there are certain steps to put in place for the best results.


Below are some frequently asked questions

Why do I need a Wow Speed Test?

Most netizens experience slow internet speed, hence there is a need to carry out a WOW speed test to check the internet speed of your smart device. The wowwayspeedtest helps to know the exact speed of your internet connection in a few minutes.

Are WOW Seed Test Tools Free?

Yes, WOW speed test tools are free and fast to use. Speed test sites like,,, and a lot of others offer free internet speed test checks.

How to test the actual speed of WOW Cable

Go to to check the actual speed of your WOW cable. You can also look out for other legit test speed websites.

How Fast should my Internet Speed Be?

100 Mbps is considered to be a fast internet speed because it can connect to multiple devices at the same time.

What Speed is WOW Internet?

WOW has subscription plans with download speeds ranging from 50 Mbps up to 1200 Mbps.

How do I Test my WOW internet speed?

Go to WOW speed test website and click “Start” the tool will automatically start the test. You will get your result within a few seconds which shows your download and upload speed.

Does WOW Speed Test Work?

Yes, provides accurate and unbiased test results. They score internet speed providers on the same criteria. Conclusively, WOW offers fast, reliable, and affordable internet services to individuals and businesses. And, with the Wow internet speed test, you will receive the best internet speed results for your area.

Why is my WOW internet Speed Slow?

If you are experiencing a slow internet speed from your WOW network provider, then you should first troubleshoot or contact your network provider.

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