– Lexis Advance Sign In portal gives users access to the legal research site developed for law students across the US. The website helps students pursuing law to perform research and access legal information through the published case studies online.

However, the LexisNexis website is mostly recommended to law students, because it helps the students gather real-life cases. And, then compare them to their studies to further improve their learning experience.

Also, the platform makes use of AI Technology and Analytic tools which provide strong insights to increase your performance, speed & efficiency. – Lexis Advance Sign In

To sign in to your advance Lexis account kindly follow the directives below:

If you forgot your ID or password read the section below

Recover your Sign in ID or Password

  • Proceed to the Login page
  • Tap on the Forgot your ID or password?
  • To recover the password, select Forgot Password box. Then, enter your ID below and click on Submit.
  • To recover your ID, tap on Forgot ID box. Key in the email address you used when you created your LexisNexis® ID and password and tap on Submit.

Lexis Advance Account Register

Here is the registration procedure for law school Lexis Advance

  • Tap on the red Register for Lexis+® button located on the Law School Home Page or go to
  • Type in your First Name.
  • Input Middle Name (optional).
  • Type in your Last name.
  • Fill in your Email Address.
  • Key in the Registration Code as provided by the school or Account Representative.
  • Tap on the Submit
  • Then, Create an ID and password
  • Setup security questions and follow the prompt

After providing the required data, go ahead and submit.

How to Change Lexis Advance Sign In User ID and Password

Here are steps to change your username and password

  • Login to your account via the Lexis Nexis login web portal.
  • Select your profile option
  • Then, choose the account settings option.
  • Tap on the “User ID and Password” icon.
  • Next, hit the “change username or password” tab.
  • Type in your default username and password.
  • Create your new username and password

Click on the “submit” widget. With these steps, you will successfully change your login details.

Features of the Lexis Advance Sign in Platform

Features for its registered users are as follows,

  • You can access various cases details on this website and also learn about the state Legislations and Administrative codes.
  • View and download the study materials, e-books for the subjects
  • You can learn about the various federal laws, codes, and regulations details for several types of cases under the state and federal govt.
  • View the international cases & the popular cases reports and the judgments given to understand more about the process & also the subject.
  • Users will be able to use the search tabs to research the cases they are looking for.
  • These case listings will be provided by multiple trusted resources
  • Users can access Administrative and secondary materials related to your subjects on the portal online.
  • Learn more about the case by accessing the expert witness materials and Jury instructions.

Also, Users can access the Jury Verdicts and settlements for various cases on this web portal.


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