www.alaskasworld.com is a secure and very user-friendly website designed Employee Paperless Travel (PET). The online portal is for Alaska Air and Horizon Air workers. However, this login portal keeps paperless employees up to date on their flight schedules. So if you’re a staff at Alaska Airlines or Horizon Airlines, you will need to access this portal.


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AlaskasWorld.com provides easy access to Alaska Air/Horizon Air Employee Login Portal. And the official AlaskasWorld portal can only be accessed with a valid password and username.


AlaskasWorld login portal offers its employees several advantages. Here are some of the benefits of accessing the portal;

  • AlaskasWorld PET login website provides all the details regarding payments, updates, and other company-related information.
  • Employees can check and view the upcoming events, the latest details, announcements, etc.
  • Access employees’ benefits. There is a wide range of benefits offered, such as insurance or pensions.

These are some of the benefits of Alaskas world login.


The portal alaskasworld.com was established by Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airlines. The site is specifically an employee login portal for its employees. At www.alaskasworld.com  the portal you will see the following category

  • FLY
  • Alaskasworld.com
  • Jobs at Alaska or Horizon

The Alaskasworld fly portal is a portal for newly hired employees. The alaskasworld.com is specifically a Login page for Alaskas airlines employees. Jobs at Alaska or Horizon portal is a cooperate login site for both Alaskas airlines and Horizon Airlines staffs.

AlaskasWorld Login Requirements

Below are some of the Login requirements for Alaska world login;

  • Have an Alaska/Horizon employee ID.
  • Provide your login password and username
  • The submitted login credentials must be the same as the credentials submitted during the registration process.
  • Must visit alaskasworld.com

These are the login requirements.

How to Register for Fly Alaskasworld Account for New Employee

If you’re a new employee, follow the steps below to set up your account;

  • Go to www.alaskasworld.com
  • Tap on the Fly button
  • On the Fly employee travel page, Enter your Employee papersoft Number
  • Enter your password
  • To keep you signed in, tap the box below
  • Select the Sign in button

If you forgot your password or you want to change it, tap on forgot/change password. If you have an issue registering a new employee tap on the “Trouble signing in a new hire?”  tab and follow the prompt.

Alaskasworld.com Employee Login

Employees at Alaska airlines can access their account using these steps

  • Visit www.alaskasworld.com
  • Select alaskasworld.com button
  • Enter your username and password
  • Tap on the Login button

On the login page, you can, Change your Password, Reset your Forgot Password, Manage your Profile or Create a Password

How to Login to Alaska | Horizon Jobs Account

To access Alaskas jobs or jobs on your horizons portal, do this

  • Go to alaskasworld.com
  • Tap on jobs at alaskas or Horizon tab
  • Click on Cooperate Login tab
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on sign in button

These are steps to access Alaskas airlines and Horizon Airlines job’s portal.

Why Do I Need AlaskasWorld?

As an Alaskas Airlines staff, there are updates for performance development and additional details on the status of your work. And you will be needing the employee portal to know how your benefits work.

On the portal, you get to know about different flight times and changes in flight details so you don’t miss out on any major changes. Additionally, you can also access your job information outside of your workplace. The online portal has made life easier for all employees making Alaska better.

However, the Alaska management team uses this portal effectively to ensure that Alaska employees get a pleasant experience working for them.

Alaska/Horizon Airlines

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airlines are one of the largest airlines in the United States. yearly, there are lots of job aspirants ready to further their careers at Alaska and Air Horizon. However, due to intense competition between candidates, few get the dream job at Alaska Airlines.

The lucky ones are given a login username and password. New employees can get these details from the HR department.

Alaskasworld.com Customer Service Number

If you have any issue accessing your Employee portal or maybe you forgot your username, you can contact the Human resource (HR) management.

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