www.discover.com/itstudent Invitation Code – Accept Discover It Student Cash Card Offer

With www.discover.com/itstudent Invitation Code, Students that are interested in building their credit history early and potentially with their credit card earning cash back rewards. Discover is a reputable company and with their credit card, students can begin building credit so they can prepare for their future purchasing power.

www.discover.com/itstudent Invitation Code

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www.discover.com/itstudent Invitation Code

If you received a Discover It Student card mailer and would like to apply you will need to provide your invitation code.

Inside the mail offer you received from Discover It bank, there’s a unique personal code, you will use to apply. Find your invitation code on your offer letter, it should be highlighted near the bottom of the letter.

How to Accept Discover It Student Cash Card Offer Online

To accept the offer, follow this guide, beneath;

  • Navigate to discover.com/itstudent
  • Enter your 23 digit Discover It Student invitation code
  • Tap on the Start Your Application button

The next step is to complete the rest of the online application which when you use your Discover It Student invitation code will pre-fill some of the fields on the application to speed up time.

How to Apply for Discover It Student Cash Back Card Online

To successfully apply for the card online do the following;

When you finish the discover.com/itstudent invitation code application and tap Submit your application will be processed almost instantly.  It should take approximately a minute or so to learn if you’ve been accepted.

Once accepted you will be extended a credit limit and your new cash back card mailed out to you.

How to Apply for Discover It Student Cash Back Card through Phone

If you don’t want to apply for the card online, another way to apply is through the customer service representative.

Place a call directly to the customer care team

Follow the instructions from the customer care agent. And also make sure you have your card details handy before dialing their phone number. You don’t have to discover It support phone number? Read the next section.

How to Find Discover It Customer Service Phone Number

To find the correct customer care phone number, do the following;

With these steps, you will be able to speak with the customer service representative.

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