www.firstnationalcc.com/Accept huh? Did you receive a credit card mail offer from First National Bank? Do you want to accept the offer? Well, there are 4 simple steps to take in order to accept the offer.


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However, to accept the offer, you will need to provide your reservation number, mailing address, etc. This post will be guiding you on the basic steps to take to accept the offer.

Moreover, before we go into the key focus of this content, would like to talk a little about the Credit Card in question in the section below.

www.firstnationalcc.com/Accept – Firstnationalcc com Accept Legacy

First National Bank issues the Legacy Credit Card. A credit card that puts users in charge of all their purchases anytime anywhere. The credit card offers Cardholders an easy and hitch-free medium of making purchases and paying bills.

It is a super convenience restaurant and online purchase. Furthermore, the Legacy credit card comes with the following features and benefits;

  • Puts Cardholders in Control of their Purchases
  • No Hidden Fees and No Penalty APR
  • Fraud Coverage for Lost or Stolen Card
  • Offers secure Online Account Access etc.

These are some of the features you get from credit cards. So what are you waiting for? To accept the mail offer and kick off the application process, read the next section.

Firstnationalcc.com Legacy Credit Card Application

Before you begin the application process, you need to, first of all, accept the offer you received via mail. So, to accept the mail offer, follow the instructions beneath;

  • Navigate to https://firstnationalcc.com/
  • Click on the accept Online tab on the homepage
  • Type in your Reservation Number
  • Enter your Access Code
  • Tap on the Continue button
  • Follow the guide to complete the 4 steps to accept the offer.

How do I find my reservation and Access Code? Check the mail offer letter for your reservation and access code.

Legacy Credit Card Activation

Activating your Legacy Credit Card is no hassle at all. You can simply do this by using your credit card for the first time. All you have to do is go to any of the ATM machines and make use of the card. However, if you still have some questions in mind, feel free to call the number in the mail your card came with or the number behind your card.

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Firstnationalcc.com Login

Cardholders need to access their account to utilize their credit card. Here are the login features;

  • You can view your Account Summary
  • Cardholders can enroll for Text & Email Alerts
  • You can schedule automatic Payments
  • Manage your account

Now you know the benefits of accessing your account, to login to your legacy card account, do this;

These are steps to access your legacy card account. If you don’t have an account yet? Follow the registration steps in the next section.

Firstnationalcc.com Account Sign Up – Create a Legacy Visa Credit Card Account

Visit the firstnationalcc login page via https://firstnationalcc.com/, follow these steps;

  • On the login page, click on Register New User. Fill in the form.
  • Input your credit card number
  • Input your cards exp. Date
  • Type in your CVV
  • Type in the last 4 of SSN
  • Create your login Username and Password
  • Confirm the password
  • Input your email address
  • Confirm the email address
  • Input your Mobile phone number
  • I prefer not to add my mobile number, if you accept, tap the box.
  • Confirm that you have read and agree to the terms.
  • Click on the Register tab

These are steps to sign up for the first national legacy card account.

Firstnationalcc.com Pay Your Bills

With Firstnationalcc.com bill payment, cardmembers can pay their credit card bills online, by mail, MoneyGram, Western Union, or by phone.

However, to pay your bills online, kindly visit the legacy credit card main website. Go to the sign page and log in to your account. Locate the payment button and click on it. Then, fill in your payment details and submit your payment.

To pay your bills by phone, dial the customer care phone number. Visit the first national bank’s official website to locate the phone number.

Firstnationalcc.com Customer Service

If you need any assistance concerning your legacy Visa Credit card, contact First National Bank Credit Card customer service Agent. The first national bank provides means by which customers can reach the customer center, and one of the means is by phone. Visit the first national CC.com page for their support phone number.

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