www.myduchess.com/Register is the official website for registering the duchess crown card. Did you just receive a new Crown card? To get the most out of your Duchess Crown Card, you’ll need to register it. The registration procedure is very simple and fast.


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Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about the registration process, those articles have you covered. You will not only learn how to register your card, but you will also learn the login steps, plus other important info about the card.


With this card account, Cardholders can access amazing offers and discounts. Also, you can find the nearest Duchess location by using the store locator.

To get started, there are two ways to register your card. Through the website or mobile app. Find out how to sign up using any of these methods.

How to Register My Duchess Crown Card

To register your crown card via the duchess official website, do the following;

  • Go to https://www.myduchess.com/crowncard/register-card/
  • Fill in the following details:
    Card number
    Registration code
    First name
    Last name
    Phone or mobile
    Email address
    Check the Email opt in if you need it
  • Lastly, tap on the REGISTER button

Upon successful account registration, you can now monitor your points and rewards online.

How to Sign Up Crown Card Through MyDuchess App

To sign up via MyDuchess App, do the following;

  • Go to the Google play store or Apple app store
  • Download the MyDuchess app
  • Once your app is installed, open the app
  • Then, tap on the “Register My Card” button
  • Follow the prompts to enter your card number and other information.
  • After entering the required details click the “Submit” button

Kindly wait for an email confirmation to hit your inbox indicating your account has been successfully registered.

How to Login to Duchess Crown Card Account

To access your card account, do the following

You should access your crown card account. Should In case you forget your password, read the field under.

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How to Reset Duchess Crown Card Account Password

If you forgot your account password, do the following;

  • Go to their official website at https://www.myduchess.com/crowncard/
  • Tap on the login tab
  • Select forgot password button
  • Enter your Username, crown Card Number, or Email Address
  • Then tap on submit

Follow the guide to reset your account password.

Duchess Crown Card

Duchess Crown Card is a non-payment-based rewards program that allows customers to earn and redeem points for qualifying in-store and fuel purchases. With this card, redemption items and discounts may vary by promotion period. Find out more about the rewards program in the following session.

Duchess Rewards Program

Once you’ve signed up for your myduchess account, you can start earning rewards and other benefits. You can use your Crown Card to shop at participating stores.

However, Cardholders will get points for every dollar spent in-store, and you can redeem these points for perks such as free products and discounted fuel.

At the online rewards website, you can view your point balance by using your account number and pin.

Duchess Crown Card Customer Service

If you have any questions regarding the crown Card rewards, you can easily contact the customer service representative.

  • Go to https://www.myduchess.com/contact/
  • Fill in the form with the following;
    Your email address
    Phone number
    Enter your message.
    Enter address and city of store location
    Date of visit to store
    Crown Card number
  • Tap on the submit button.

You can find the nearest Duchess Crown store here. Feel free to check out other helpful articles on our website.

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