www.wyzant.com is an online marketplace for tutors and students whereby tutors are not bound to a strict schedule. Wyzant was founded in 2005 by Andrew Geant and Mike Weishuhn. Its headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois.


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Wyzant connects students and an in-person or online tutor which is still in operation to date. They offer different subjects. Wyzant has provided a good number of persons with jobs as tutors and has helped most tutors gain more experience.


www.wyzant.com helps people work from home and earn a reasonable pay. Since some tutors want to work online, they can have another source of income. Wyzant is an online educational marketplace where students and parents can get a qualified online or in-person tutor and it is only available to U.S residents. To sign up on wyzant is free. You can either sign up to wyzant with email, Facebook, or apple.

How to sign up with email

  • Visit wyzant.com
  • Click the sign up option
  • Click sign up with email
  • Fill in the required information

Wyzant Login

  • Visit wyzant.com
  • Click the log in option
  • Enter password
  • Enter username
  • Click log in

How to recover forgotten Username or Password

  • Visit wyzant.com
  • Click the sign in option
  • Click forgot password
  • Enter email
  • Follow the on-screen instruction

How to Request a Tutor

  • Visit wyzant.com
  • Click the sign in option
  • Go to find a tutor
  • Request a tutor
  • Click get started
  • Enter the required information and click next.

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How to Ask Questions

  • Visit wyzant.com
  • Click Resources
  • Click ask a question
  • Type in your question and submit

You might want to get a job as a tutor.

How to Apply for a Tutoring Job

As a tutor, you must have proficiency in any school subject, little or even better experience, and a computer to connect with students that you’ll be tutoring online. Tutors are to complete their work in the given period of time and Wyzant pays their tutors on the 1st and 15th of every month. Tutors set their pay limit themselves and is usually within the range of $30 and $60 whereas Wyzant gets to take their commission which is 25% of the pay.

Wyzant fee

Wyzant charges students a little fee each time they have lessons and also charges 9% service fee for lesson cancellations. Tutors get 75% of their hourly posted lessons and Wyzant platform gets 25%. There’s an extra charge of 9% on op the tutoring price.

Wyzant customer care

  • Visit wyzant.com
  • Click the “about us” option
  • Scroll down to contact us and click on it
  • Select any of the convenient contact options and make use of it.

To ensure Wyzant tutors gets their pay after service, Wyzant requires you to establish a valid form of payment information like an active debit or credit card, or a Paypal account. All payments must be made via the website.

It should also be noted that you must maintain valid payment information during the period of tutoring. If you are considering hiring a tutor online, then you should have a thorough conversation with the tutor and reach an agreement about your expectation before learning begins.

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