YouTube Premium – The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Premium 2021

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YouTube Premium is another service by YouTube. It is also a subscription channel under YouTube just like YouTube TV, YouTube Kids, and others. Do you like watching videos on YouTube and feel like downloading those videos to watch offline on your mobile phones? This and other services YouTube Premium is offering its subscribers.

YouTube Premium
YouTube Premium

YT Premium offers ad-free access to content on its site. Users will get to access YouTube original programming collaborating with content creators. Users can also download videos and background playback of videos on mobile devices and others services.

YouTube Premium

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YT Premium was launched on November 14 2014 with the name Music Key. Initially offered advertisement-free streaming of music videos from participating labels on YouTube and Google Play Music.

YT Premium was rebranded and officially began service on June 18, 2018. Along with the rebranding exercise came the creation of YouTube Music. It came with a separate subscription service solely on music.

The service experience expansion into Canada, and 11 European countries including Australia, Finland, Germany, France Italy, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Russian, Sweden, and The United Kingdom.

In July 2019, YT Premium services were available in over 60 countries and different locations with the subscription price difference. By April 20, 2019, Google enabled support of UPI for the purchase of YT Premium Membership in India.

YouTube Premium Features

YT Premium is designed with fascinating features to captive its users. If you’re pondering on subscribing to YouTube Premium here are service features and benefits you will enjoy as a subscriber. The features of YT Premium are as follows:

YouTube Premium Features
YouTube Premium Features

  • Free ads viewing – On YouTube Premium you will watch videos void of unnecessary ads popping up from time-time. This is both on its site or when using the mobile app, even including its other platforms like YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids apps.
  • Videos Download – subscribers are free to download videos or Playlists to watch offline on their mobile devices like their smartphones and tablet.
  • YouTube Originals – Users will enjoy access to original YouTube content, for exclusive subscribers and from high-profile creators. Also, see TV Shows, movies, and documentaries.
  • Background Play – you can play music on the background of your mobile devices in audio from even if you close the app or your phone display is closed. If you’re using an Android phone, you can also view videos picture-in-picture mode while still using other apps on your phone.
  • YouTube Music Premium – You gain access to this service and all its features as well.

However, YouTube Premium contributes to content creators massively. This is in sharing of its revenue among creators. As a YouTube subscriber, if you had blocked ads on YouTube via ads blocker, this will affect creators from receiving revenue from your views. This is a source of income for content creators on YouTube.

But Premium platform offers makes its platforms ads free for viewers and still shares its revenue with their favorite content creators. YouTube shares a portion of its revenue got from the service and distribute to creators based on the total views it received from Premium subscribers. If you are searching for any YouTube channel to watch videos uninterrupted with ads then YouTube Premium is the best for you.

YouTube Premium Cost

YT Premium subscription fee is $11.9 per month. With the subscription, you will watch YouTube original videos and all the benefits of the premium service. Also, you can enjoy the generous three months trial for free as long as you will cancel before the end of the trial.

YouTube Premium Cost
YouTube Premium Cost

However, there is a student discount package at an affordable price of $ 11.99/ £11.99 a month. This means that after a month’s free trial, you will have to pay $ 6.99/£ 11.99 per month. Also, there is a YouTube Premium Family Plan for $ 17.99/ £ 17.99 each month. With this package, you can add five family members from ages 13+ to the package.

YouTube Premium Login

To login into your Premium platform is very easy and simple. Let me show you the steps to take:

  • On your smartphone or Tablet
  • Launch open the YouTube app
  • When it’s open, sign in to your Google Account to sign membership of the premium
  • Choose your profile picture
  • Start your free trial (if you’re eligible)
  • Next, click on Get YouTube Premium to begin

Once you begin using the free trial subscription know that it’s just for thirty days. Ensure that you cancel it on time

How to Cancel YouTube Premium

To cancel your YouTube Premium package here are the steps to follow:

How to Cancel YouTube Premium

  • Open your YouTube Premium app
  • Click on the Profile picture on the right side of the screen
  • Click on the “Paid memberships” option
  • Click on the “Manage” option
  • Next, click on Cancel Membership

You can pause your subscription if you don’t it to run for sometime

  • Click on Continue to Cancel
  • Tap on the Reason for your cancelation
  • Click on the “Next” button

Once this is done, a confirmation page will appear just click on Yes, cancel. This will cancel your subscription totally.

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