13 Fun Places to Take Pictures in Lagos State Nigeria

Hello there Lagosian! We have a list of 13 Fun Places to Take Pictures in Lagos State Nigeria. If you new to the Lifestyle and can’t help but wonder, where are the fun places in Lagos, we got you covered.13 Fun Places to Take Pictures in Lagos

If you are wondering whether or not these places are expensive, not all of them are. It solely depends on your purpose. If you are just after taking pictures, you wouldn’t pay a dime. However, if you want to enjoy life as you know it, you may spend a little. That said, Let’s dive into it.

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13 Fun Places to Take Pictures in Lagos

On number one on the list of 13 Fun Places to Take Pictures in Lagos State Nigeria, we have the appalling Conversation Centre.

  1. Conversation Centre

The conservation Centre as the name suggests is a place where wildlife is preserved. Other than that, there is still so much more fun you can catch. They offer a plethora of games and a huge campsite making it perfect for a family picnic.

If you are someone who loves bringing your own food and drinks to outings, then the conservation center is just perfect for you.

Bear in mind, however, that if you want to experience certain features like the canopy walk, you are going to have to pay. Other than that, feel free to spectate wildlife and play fun games.

  1. Freedom Park

The Freedom Park formerly called Her Majesty Broad Street Prison is the second on this amazing list of fun places to take pictures in Lagos. I’m quite sure some of you may be familiar with the name. The amazing setting of the Freedom Park makes it one of the best places to take someone on a date (most likely a first date).

  1. Tarkwa Beach

Yes! I didn’t think I would see this one on the list but Tarkwa Beach is one of the most popular places in Lagos. The beach as you know is a proper beach filled with several water games, swimmers, boats and so much more. If relaxation and fun sound perfect to you, then you should definitely give the Tarkwa beach a piece of your time.

  1. Landmark Beach

Of course, it’s the most popular beach in Lagos state. The famous landmark beach. The Landmark Beach happens to be one of the few private beaches in Lagos to succeed exceedingly well. With a lot of affiliations with several shopping companies and eateries, they managed to create just the experience of a proper beach.

They offer a ton of games ranging from beach bike rides and paintball all the way to basketball. In addition to all of these, the beach happens to be one of the beaches on which crabs come out to play past midnight. You could have a ton of fun catching crabs alone with the Landmark beach. The beach is also one of the beaches to experience nightlife.

  1. Nike Art Gallery

If you’ve never been to an art gallery or always love to go to art galleries, I’m sure the Nike art gallery would be your first choice. At this gallery, entrance is free and you get to experience tons of amazing art and culture without paying a dime.

It is also not just an amazing place to take cool pictures but also perfect to take someone on a first date. The Nike art gallery is located in Lekki.

  1. Rufus and Bee

If you love bowling and gaming in general, then this would be an amazing stop for you. At Rufus and Bee, they offer a ton of physical computer games. To play the games, you need a card which you are going to buy. Once you’ve bought the card, you simply walk through and select any game you would like to play, slot in your card, and begin playing.

At Rufus and Bee, playing is not just all that matters, you can win rewards and prizes for playing games. Rewards can later be used to redeem teddy bears toys, etc. With all of these, you should already know how perfect it sounds for a date. Give it a try and thank me later.

  1. Fela’s shrine

While this may not really be ideal for a first date or to take pictures in general, there are quite a lot of foreigners who admire the place and hence lurk around from time to time. Fela’s shire is free to enter and it depicts the acts of the famous Fela. Upon getting there, you are going to see the shrine that’s designed for him along with other fun artifacts.

  1. Atmosphere Rooftop

If you want a place that’s dedicated, designed, and themed for phototakers, then the Atmosphere rooftop would be your go-to place. As the name suggests, the place has a beautiful atmosphere with stunning beauty. While there may not be much to do, trust me, the setting of the place more than makes up for it.

  1. Bonny Camp

Bonny Camp is one of the popular camps in Lagos state Nigeria. The camp has a balcony with an amazing waterfront. From time to time, cargo ships do pass through and if you are really excited about photography, these are some of the moments you may want to take photos. While the place may not be free to enter, the photos you can take there make it more than decent.

  1. Arabesque

Arabesque may not be as popular as you want it to be but it still has one of the best settings worthy of taking photos. The restaurant gives a Middle Eastern vibe so if you are someone who’s into that or just missing a move, this would be perfect for you. You can also take that into consideration when going on a date.

  1. Epe Mangroves

Just like a typical mangrove, the Epe mangrove offers a ton of green that makes it worthy of photo taking. If you love mother nature and adventures, this is definitely a must-have for you. While you cruise through the Epe mangroves, you can experience several aquatic life in addition to the wildlife it may be harboring.

  1. Kalakuta Museum

It may not sound like mush but trust me, the Kalakuta Museum is one of the coolest hangout places in Lagos. It’s perfect to take someone on a date. The museum happens to be dedicated to one of Nigeria’s most popular sons Fela Kuti. Some day it is a direct replica of his life but hey, I’ll leave that out for you to determine.

  1. Lufasi Nature Park

Speaking of experiencing nature, the Lufasi park happens to be a place where all that can happen. The Lufasi Park has somewhat been branded as one of the most affordable places to hang out in Lagos. If you love nature or you happen to be a climate change advocate, you should drop by the park.

How to Visit These Fun Places in Lagos

I gather you must be wondering, Oh dear! How do we go about visiting these places? We don’t even know their locations. Pardon me, let me help you out with that. There are two ways you can go about this.

Method 1 – I have a car

If you have a car, simply go to google.com and type in the name of the place you want to visit. On the result page, click the get directions option, and Google Maps should be open on your device showing you directions on how to get there.

Method 2 – I don’t have a car

If you don’t have a car, all you have to do is download the “Bolt” app from your device app store. Sign up for an account and tap on the “Where to?” box. Enter the name of the place you are going to and click on it. Confirm your destination and select the ride you want to go on. Click “Select Bolt” afterward and wait for a driver to locate you. It’s that easy.


Whichever place you decide to visit, I hope you have fun and hey, there’s nothing holding you back from visiting them all. You can visit them all one at a time. Life is too short to waste. You should make memories while you can. Best of luck, Clevernero!