Chalmers IPOET Scholarships for International Students

The Chalmers IPOET Scholarships for International Students are awarded by the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden to prospective students who pay fees. It offers about 35 IPOET scholarships. The Swedish Council funds this scholarship to aid higher education.

Chalmers IPOET scholarship provides a 75% reduction in the tuition fees for a 2-year program. However, students who improve their studies may get an 85% reduction in tuition fees. This program provides a juicy opportunity for students who aspire to further their education in Sweden.

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About Chalmers IPOET Scholarships

Chalmers University of Technology is located in Sweden. It is renowned for its academic excellence and feats. However, this university offers this incredible opportunity to eligible international students. IPOET stands for International Program Office for Education and Training.

Approximately 1000 students are doing their master’s program in the institution from other countries besides Sweden. This scholarship is awarded to students doing their masters. Sit tight as you learn the eligibility criteria and the application process for Chalmers IPOET scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria for Chalmers IPOET Scholarships

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship include;

  • Citizens from non-EU/EEA countries.
  • Applicants must be in their first-year master’s program.
  • A degree that is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in Sweden.
  • Documented evidence of academic qualifications.

An applicant with a master’s degree may be obliged to fulfill a specific entry requirement. But this does not mean it can replace a Bachelor’s degree requirement.

Chalmers IPOET Scholarships for International Students

Selection Criteria for Chalmers IPOET Scholarships

The selection criteria for Chalmers IPOET scholarships follow thus;

  • Academic performance.
  • The applicant’s home university ranking.
  • The order of application in Chalmers account.

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Required Documents for Chalmers IPOET Scholarships

  • Proof of proficiency in the English language.
  • Documents of citizenship.
  • Transcripts.
  • Certificates from your university of study.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Documentation of work experience, if any.

The Application Process for Chalmers IPOET Scholarships

To apply for Chalmers IPOET scholarships, follow the steps below;

Check your account from time to time for updates or notifications

Benefits of Chalmers IPOET Scholarships

There are several benefits of receiving a Chalmers IPOET scholarship;

  • A reduced tuition fee
  • It gives room for improvement by giving awards.
  • The institution directly takes care of the scholarship.
  • It broadens your horizons and provides access to a great network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.

Where is the Chalmers University Located?

The Chalmers University of Technology is located in Sweden.

Are Chalmers IPOET Scholarships Only Offered to Students at Chalmers University?

Yes. The Chalmers IPOET scholarships are only available to Chalmers University of Technology students pursuing their master’s program.

Is there a deadline for the application to the Chalmers IPOET scholarship program?

Yes, there is. The deadline for the application of Chalmers IPOET scholarships is 15th January 2024.

Are the Chalmers IPOET Scholarships both Domestic and International Scholarships?

It is open to applicants from Sweden and other countries.

What Benefits are Attached to Chalmers IPOET Scholarships?

Many benefits are attached to the Chalmers IPOET scholarship program, such as reduced tuition fees, rewards for academic improvement, access to a great network, etc.

How can an Individual go About the Application Process?

An applicant should start by visiting Chalmers IPOET scholarships official website at https://www.chalmers.se/en/education/application-and-admission/how-to-apply-from-application-to-admission to review the requirements of his preferred program. Submit your application online and follow the steps required to make the application process successful.


The deadline for this scholarship is 15th January 2024. It has an unrestricted field of study; that is, it offers scholarships to students in all the master’s programs.