Company Driver Job in Nigeria – 150K Salary Per Month

Can you drive a car? If you can, you are eligible to apply now for this Company Driver Job in Nigeria with over 120k monthly salary. Now it is difficult to find such jobs with good pay, so we have gone through the trouble of finding one for you. All you have to do is follow the instructions we provide for you, and you should be able to secure this job successfully.

Company Driver Job in Nigeria – 150K Salary Per Month

Without wasting your time much further, we will quickly cover the duties and responsibilities of a company driver, the requirements to apply for a company driver job, and how to apply for a company driver job in Nigeria.

Duties of a Company Driver in Nigeria

Below are some duties you are expected to perform as a company driver in Nigeria.

  • Dropping and picking up staff when necessary
  • Maintaining a travel log to keep a record of work hours
  • Collecting, shipping, and delivering packages when necessary
  • Avoiding travel routes with traffic congestion to save time
  • Informing the company of any ticket the vehicle is booked for while driving
  • Reporting any accidents, vehicle damage, or injuries while driving to management

While these may be some of the basic things, you should be sure to ask the company if there are other duties you are to perform. This ultimately depends on the kind of driving service the company wants you to provide. You can either be carrying customers around or carrying goods to be delivered.

Company Driver Job in Nigeria

Responsibilities of a Company Driver in Nigeria

There are certain responsibilities a company driver is entitled to. Below are some examples of such responsibilities.

  • You are expected to Maintain and adhere to the guidelines the company provides. In most cases, you would be given a handbook.
  • You are to handle any concern and inquiry a customer may present in a friendly and informative manner.
  • Ensure you drive safely at all times, following all the rules and regulations of safe driving.
  • You are to ensure that all customer vehicles receive proper service.
  • You are to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle at all times.

By fulfilling your responsibilities as the company driver, you would have a good standing relationship with your employer and customers, ensuring you keep your job for much longer. It could even manage to give you a salary increase.

Requirements for a Company Driver Job in Nigeria

Below are some things required during your application for a company driver job in Nigeria. While this may be required, you may get away with it if you do not meet some of these requirements in a scenario where you are lucky.

  • A valid driver’s license – IMPORTANT
  • A high school diploma or any kind of certificate equivalent or higher – IMPORTANT
  • You need a clean driving record
  • A general knowledge of the local roads and routes you are to follow
  • Punctuality – IMPORTANT
  • Reliability
  • Effective communication skills – IMPORTANT
  • And the ability to use maps to find routes, among others

If you feel you are lacking in certain areas and you can improve, it is advisable to try to improve before applying for the job.

How to Apply for a Company Driver Job in Nigeria with Over 120k Salary Per Month

The application steps are simple, and you shouldn’t have any issues.

  • Get your internet-connected device and open any web browser on it.
  • On the web browser’s search bar, enter the address: https://ng.indeed.com/.
  • On the search bar of the new webpage, enter the search term “Company driver job” and click enter or search.
  • Please find the job you would like to apply for from the search results page and click on it.
  • Kindly follow the application steps on the job page to apply successfully.

If your application is successfully submitted, you should get a text or an email within three working days. As a bonus, CLICK HERE to apply for the job with over 120k salary per month. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about a company driver job in Nigeria.

What Skills do you need to be a company driver?

Certain skills can make you an astonishingly good company driver. They include efficiency, time management, problem-solving skills, good customer service, a good sense of direction, and a strong driving record.

How do you introduce yourself as a driver?

You may be required for an interview before you get the job. In such situations, you must introduce yourself as a driver to the interviewer, but how do you do that?

It is simple: you first want to thank the interviewer for allowing you to be interviewed, state the skills you possess that make you a unique driver, and end with mentioning any years of experience you may have. Note that you have to keep all of these as brief as possible.

Should a driver prepare for an Interview?

While you may not be required to go through an interview, it is of utmost importance you prepare for an interview. What’s that saying again? Oh! Yes, always expect the unexpected.