Insurance Blackjack – When to Take Insurance Blackjack

Insurance blackjack is a side bet available in several game variations and allows players to hedge against the dealer drawing a blackjack. Blackjack players learn the fundamentals of hitting, standing, and splitting when they first start.

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However, one of the most widely used and simple side bets is the insurance bet. The insurance bet, which pays 2/1, offers the gambler some insurance if the dealer is dealt a powerful card. But does placing the wager pay off? This article will define blackjack insurance, and examine when getting insurance is a smart idea.

Insurance Blackjack

What is Insurance Blackjack?

Insurance blackjack is an optional side wager that is presented when the dealer’s upcard is an Ace in the blackjack game. If the dealer has a natural blackjack (21), it pays 2-1. Half of the initial stake may be wagered again by the player on the insurance line.

The player loses their insurance bet and the game goes on as normal if the dealer does not hold blackjack.

Since there is little chance that the dealer would have a natural blackjack and you will probably lose more money than you would have won from the insurance bet, it is often seen as a terrible gamble.

But if you are playing cautiously or want to stretch your bankroll, it’s a smart method to offer some more covering.

When to Take Insurance Blackjack

In blackjack, taking insurance might be a hazardous move, but it can also be a great method to shield your hand from any possible blackjack from the dealer. The right time and reason to take insurance in blackjack should be understood to help you make the best choice. You should take this insurance when:

  • An ace is shown by the dealer: The dealer has a good chance of holding blackjack when they reveal an ace. You are ensuring that, if the dealer has blackjack, you will at minimum break even by purchasing insurance. You will lose the insurance bet but will still have a chance to win the hand if the dealer does not have blackjack.
  • You have a low hand: If your hand is low (16 or lower), you ought to think about getting insurance. This is because drawing another card will probably cause you to bust, therefore insurance might be a wonderful method to reduce your losses.

These are some of the scenarios you could be in before you decide to take this insurance.

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Advantages of insurance blackjack

The pros include:

  • Protects against dealer’s blackjack: the insurance’s primary benefit is that, if the dealer has a blackjack, it safeguards the player’s initial wager.
  • Additional payout: if the player has insurance and the dealer does not have a blackjack, the player will get double the amount of their insurance wager, making up for the loss on their first wager.

These are the benefits of this insurance.

Disadvantages of insurance blackjack

The cons include:

  • Negative expected value: Taking out insurance on every hand will eventually result in a net loss because the dealer’s chances of holding a blackjack are lower than the dealer’s chances of not holding one.
  • Higher house edge: Players that accept insurance are essentially giving the casino an additional advantage because the casino offers insurance, increasing its overall edge.
  • Distraction from basic strategy: Insurance is viewed by many seasoned blackjack players as a diversion from the game’s main strategy. Players have a better chance of winning over time if they concentrate on their hands using the fundamental strategy.

These are the disadvantages of this insurance.

How to Obtain Insurance Blackjack

To obtain insurance blackjack, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Bovada casino website at https://www.bovada.com/casino/table-games/blackjack/
  • Log in if you already have an account, or create an account if you don’t have one already.
  • Choose a blackjack variation such as classic and double deck blackjack.
  • Start to play a game and if the dealer’s up-card is an ace, take insurance which is usually half of your original wager.

Remember that blackjack insurance is a strategic choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions.

What is the Insurance Amount in Blackjack?

In blackjack, insurance bets often pay out 2 to 1 if you win and are half of your initial wager. You may be able to win the round even if your insurance bet is a loser.

Is it possible for me to Play Insurance in Free Online Blackjack?

Yes, insurance bets are offered in online blackjack games with a live dealer, for real money, and for free.

Now that I Have More Experience, Should I get Insurance?

You may be able to monitor the cards that have already been dealt as an experienced player and choose when to act with a strategically placed insurance bet. But keep in mind that it can be wiser to weigh your alternatives carefully because it might end up saving money if you don’t place several insurance bets.


Without a doubt, a single night of casino gambling can be rewarding. To determine what is and isn’t profitable, however, will require some time and effort to determine. As a result, it’s crucial to remember that purchasing blackjack insurance will ultimately cost you money.