Insurance that Covers IVF – Top Insurance Companies that Cover IVF

Insurance that covers IVF? It may surprise you to hear that your existing health plan may provide some insurance coverage for fertility treatments and that several plans will pay for your initial testing and consultation.

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Since it isn’t a medically required treatment, most insurance policies don’t pay for its costs. Usually, the whole cost of treatment must be covered by the couple or individual having this procedure.

However, because it’s a costly procedure, some insurance companies have started to cover a specific amount of it. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about IVF insurance coverage and how to control your IVF costs.

Insurance that Covers IVF

What is IVF?

One of the most well-known fertility treatments is In Vitro Fertilization or IVF. It entails regulating the menstrual cycle, to ensure that the ovaries release multiple eggs. After being taken out of the ovaries, the eggs are fertilized in a lab with sperm to create embryos.

After that, the best-quality embryo or embryos are inserted once more into the uterus. Any extra embryos will be frozen if only one embryo transfer is used. Whether you choose to use a fresh or frozen embryo transfer will be determined by you and the clinic.

The benefit is always evaluated against any risk factors, and it is frequently advised for those with blocked fallopian tubes or in cases of infertility that cannot be explained.  Fertility clinics usually evaluate your reproductive organs and look for any underlying medical conditions that might be aggravating your infertility problems before starting treatment.

Types of IVF Treatment Procedures Covered Under Insurance

These are the various IVF treatment coverage options categorized under health insurance.

  • Full infertility insurance coverage: This could cover the price of an IVF cycle or the full course of treatment.
  • Infertility diagnosis-only coverage: This might cover the costs of the diagnostic tests carried out before the IVF process. Hormonal profile testing, semen analysis, genetic testing, imaging tests (male and female), tests for abnormalities in DNA, ovarian reserve testing, hysterosalpingography, laparoscopy, and other procedures could be among the tests.
  • Infertility diagnosis and limited fertility treatment coverage: This could entail paying for the IVF diagnostic test costs as well as a portion of the overall treatment costs.
  • Medication coverage (fertility drug prescriptions): This might involve paying for the cost of the IVF procedure’s fertility medications.

These are the coverage options it falls under.

What is the Cost of IVF?

The average cost of an IVF cycle can range from $12,850 to $24,250. Nonetheless, several variables may affect the cost of IVF procedures.

The particular clinic, your location, the kind of IVF cycle, and the total number of cycles required to conceive are the primary factors to take into account. Using extra services may raise the price as well.

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Top Insurance Companies that Cover IVF

Major insurance providers include:

  • Aetna.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • Cigna.
  • United Healthcare.
  • Tricare.
  • Humana.
  • Kaiser Permanente.
  • Progyny.
  • Carrot.

They provide a variety of benefits related to fertility including IVF treatment.

How to Obtain Insurance that Covers IVF

To obtain this insurance, take the following steps listed below:

  • Visit the official websites of the insurance companies (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, etc.) that were previously mentioned.
  • The Blue Cross Blue Shield website can be accessed via https://www.bcbs.com/
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to find their contact information.

Give them a call for more details on how to put this policy into effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions.

Is IVF Covered Under General Health Insurance?

The majority of health insurance policies do not include coverage for this procedure. On the other hand, certain businesses offer maternity plans that particularly pay for it, as well as certain tests, procedures, and medications associated with it.

Will the Entire Cost of IVF Treatment be Paid by the Insurance Company?

It depends on the insurance policy. Treatment amounts are typically capped under most insurance plans. The entire amount of the policy determines the cap.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Pregnant by IVF?

The cost of a single IVF cycle, which consists of ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer, can vary from $15,000 to $30,000 based on the facility and the specific medication requirements of the patient. Medications may make up as much as 35% of those costs.


IVF is not regarded as a necessary treatment, and most insurance plans do not typically cover it. IVF treatments are extremely expensive, and the couples who choose to proceed with the procedure typically bear this cost.

But things have changed recently, and some IVF treatment procedures are now covered by insurance.