Insurance UMR – How to Check if Your UMR Plan Covers Therapy

UMR stands for United Medical Resources. United Medical Resources (UMR) is a company owned by UnitedHealthcare Group. It is a third-party administrator (TPA) and not an insurance company. It is the largest TPA in the nation.

UMR has been a spearhead in revolutionizing self-funding for a long time. They act as health insurance, meaning you will encounter both in-network and out-network providers.

This means employers pay UMR to provide administrative support for employees regarding healthcare expenses. The headquarters is located in Cincinnati in the United States.

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What UMR Insurance is About

UMR insurance provides a variety of health insurance plans that cover a range of medical services, including treating addictions. They focus on delivering solutions to customers to meet their goals and strategies.

UMR supports members’ health and interprets changes in the insurance landscape in the long run. UMR enables clients to care for their health with simple and personalized plans to focus on living life fully.

They serve about 5 million members with custom plan designs and innovative services and have built lasting customer relationships. Over 3,00 people are employed at UMR.

Their coverage includes a host of pharmacy benefits, stop-loss coverage, and programs for wellness. They also offer their clients discounts on certain in-health services and offer over 100 partner networks that employer insurance plans can utilize.

Insurance UMR

Services Covered by UMR

United Medical Resources insurance plans vary in the services they cover. They cover the following treatment services:

  • In-patient treatment.
  • Mental health services.
  • Out-patient treatment.
  • Prescription medication.
  • Medical detoxification.

How to Check if Your UMR Plan Covers Therapy

Refer to your summary of benefits document to check if your UMR plans cover therapy services. If you can’t find it, you can request one from your company’s HR, especially as they will be familiar with the company’s health insurance benefits.

Once you have this document, look up “mental health services.” You will probably find in-patient and out-patient categories.

Alternatively, if you have an insurance card that contains UMR’s details, you can contact them by calling the number on the back of the card.

They will look up your specific insurance plan and clearly explain the benefits, which may include how much coverage you have for therapy services.

UMR’s Policies and Procedures

UMR works like every other health insurance company. The employer provides a list of benefits he covers to the employee, alongside possible deductible and co-insurance requirements that must be met.

However, UMR governs the administration of the insurance plan by ensuring that each employee is well covered and receives the health care they are entitled to. Any claim made against their policy will be paid out of this fund.

It is important to note that you cannot purchase a medical plan directly from UMR.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.

Does UMR Have an app?

Yes, UMR has a mobile app. The UMR care app provides a simple way to contact the clinical staff to learn about your condition and help manage it. It also sets daily notifications to keep track of positive changes.

What Does UMR Stand for?

UMR stands for United Medical Resources.

Which Device is the UMR app Accessible on?

The UMR app is easily accessible on Android or iPhone. To download the app, visit your Google Play Store or your app store.

Does UMR Insurance Cover Rehabilitation Treatment?

UMR does not provide coverage for drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment directly. However, it partners with UnitedHealth Care and other providers to expand the variety of mental health options available to clients.

What Kind of Mental Health Conditions Does UMR Cover?

UMR plans cover mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, perfectionism, gender and sexuality topics, etc.

What Services Does UMR Offer?

UMR offers various health insurance-related services such as customer service support, eligibility verification, provider network management, claims processing, etc. You can do further research on Google.


UMR has a website for providers, employers, etc., which makes managing your health care benefits easy. You will get access to tools and resources online to help you get the most out of your health care plan.