Insurance USPS – How Much Does Insurance USPS Cost

Insurance USPS is a form of protection you can get to protect yourself if your shipment is misplaced or damaged during transportation. If something goes wrong with the shipping of your box, it can reimburse you for the declared value of your package.

Whether you send one item or one hundred, the satisfaction of your customers and the expansion of your business depend heavily on each shipment arriving at its destination. In most cases, you can count on your carrier to deliver your items without any problems.

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However, mishaps do occur. And that’s where shipping insurance comes in. Shipping insurance serves as both a buffer against unforeseen circumstances and a safety net in case packages are lost, arrive damaged, or experience any other incident that could negatively impact your customer’s experience.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the top shipping companies in the country, handling 44% of all mail in the world in 2022.

Insurance USPS

What is Insurance USPS?

It is an additional layer of protection when sending a package via the USPS. It protects you if something goes wrong with the shipment, such as if your cargo is misplaced or damaged.

Should something go wrong, you can submit a claim and receive payment for the whole amount you insured for your package, up to the package’s value. You can add this kind of protection as an optional add-on service when shipping your goods.

However, it is strongly advised, particularly if you’re shipping a costly item and wish to safeguard yourself against unforeseen delivery complications.

Types of Insurance USPS Coverage

USPS offers various types of insurance coverage, each with its pricing structure and limitations. These include:

  • Priority mail express – up to $5,000
  • Priority mail – up to $5,000
  • First-class mail – up to $5,000
  • International mail – up to $2,499.99 for some countries and up to $5,000 for others.

Before acquiring this insurance, be careful to review the exclusions and limitations for each kind of mail service.

How Much Does Insurance USPS Cost?

The declared value of your package and the mail service option you choose will determine how much it costs. Depending on the kind of mail service, the maximum allowable value for insurance varies from $100 to $5,000, with a minimum cost of $1.65.

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What Does Insurance USPS Cover?

It covers the following:

  • Products that are damaged or shattered as a result of improper handling or harsh handling during shipment.
  • Absence of contents.
  • Fully misplaced or stolen packages.

When acquiring USPS insurance, be sure to thoroughly understand the terms and restrictions.

What Does Insurance USPS Not Cover?

It does not cover the following:

  • Things that the USPS forbids, such as illicit or dangerous materials.
  • Losses brought on by delays or inconvenience, including lost business chances.
  • Products that are not correctly packaged and are not in compliance with USPS rules.
  • Perishable goods.
  • Live animals.

Before acquiring USPS insurance, carefully review the terms and limitations.

How to Purchase Insurance USPS

To purchase this insurance online;

  • Go to the official USPS website at https://www.usps.com
  • Navigate to the “Quick Tools” menu at the top of the homepage. To start the shipping procedure, click either “Ship a Package” or “Calculate a Price”.
  • To proceed, enter the required shipping information, including the destination address, package weight, dimensions, and shipping date, and click “Continue”.
  • Select the shipping service that best suits your package’s needs. USPS offers several options, including First-Class Package Service, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express.
  • Choose the desired level of insurance coverage. You can choose based on your needs and the value of your package.

Complete the required payment steps, and validate your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.

What Does USPS Stand for?

USPS stands for United States Postal Service.

Who Should Use USPS Insurance?

The coverage provided by USPS insurance is not just for e-commerce entrepreneurs. It can be used by anyone who is selling something online and mailing it via the platform. This implies that you can use it for eBay sales as well as Facebook Marketplace sales if your goal is just to sell stuff out of your house.

Why is USPS Insurance Necessary?

The goal of USPS insurance is to shield senders financially if a package is misplaced, stolen, or harmed in transit. Businesses and individual senders alike are reassured that their items are safeguarded throughout the shipping procedure. The package’s contents are insured up to a specified amount, so senders are protected from any ensuing financial loss.


It gives businesses and individual senders peace of mind that their goods are safeguarded during the shipping process by covering the value of the package’s contents up to a certain sum. This is especially useful for providing a safe and dependable delivery service in industries like logistics and eCommerce.