Cost of Tuition at UCLA – How to Pay

Tuition at UCLA Average Net Price $13,393 per year Your net price, calculated by subtracting grants and scholarships from a college’s cost of attendance, is $13,393 annually. This figure is individualized, and shaped by your personal circumstances and the financial aid policies of the college. For the most accurate estimate of your net price, utilize the college’s Net Price calculator.

Tuition at UCLA

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Accommodation Fees at UCLA

Here are the Accommodation Fees at UCLA.

  • Economy Studio: $1,650.33 per month, available in 33 apartments accommodating 1 tenant each.
  • Studio: $1,702.33 per month, available in 747 apartments accommodating 1 tenant each.
  • Two-bedroom/Two-bathroom Apartment: $1,509.83 per month, available in 392 apartments (784 bed spaces) accommodating 2 tenants.
  • Two-bedroom/Two-bathroom Townhouse: $1,573 per month, available in… (details incomplete)

Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment Fees

For the first year, second year summer, second year, third year summer, third year, and fourth year:

  • Tuition/Fees: $43,843, $9,763, $43,843, $9,763, $43,843, $49,904
  • Food and Housing: $26,270, $5,254, $26,270, $5,254, $26,270, $26,270
  • Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment: $3,510, $2,219, $1,629, $1,730
  • Transportation: $3,940, $1,158, $5,790, $1,104, $5,520, $3,990
  • Miscellaneous: $5,680, $1,178, $5,890, $1,274, $6,370, $5,060
  • Loan Fees: $882, $882, $882, $882

Total: $84,125 for the first year and $17,353 for the second year.

UCLA Insurance Fee

Health Insurance Fee: $3,712 per academic year.

Tuition at UCLA Graduate School

Most doctoral and master’s programs cost approximately $18,136 per year for California residents and $33,238 annually for non-California residents. Tuition and fees may differ for professional and self-supporting degrees. For a detailed breakdown of fees for a specific program, please refer to the UCLA Registrar’s Annual Fees for UCLA Graduate Programs.

How to pay for Tuition Fees at UCLA University

  1. Log into your BruinBill account
  2. Choose “Make a Payment” from the top ribbon on your BruinBill landing page
  3. You will be directed to a payment page
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions afterward
  5. Ensure online payments are done by 5:00 p.m. PT on the deadline date

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Below are some frequently asked questions.

How do the Tuition (course) Fees Differ From the International Program Fee?

Tuition (course) fees cover the cost of each enrolled course and vary accordingly. The International Program Fee is a quarterly payment.

Keep in mind: Tuition fees are a separate payment, not included in the International Program Fees.

Do I Need to Make Separate Payments for Tuition and Classes?

Yes. The International Program Fee doesn’t include tuition. Each UCLA Extension class has its own cost, covering materials/books. Students decide which classes to take and pay for each selected course individually.

What Does the International Program Fee Cover?

International students in in-person UCLA Extension International Programs pay additional fees for services, programs, activities, and access to campus facilities. The fee doesn’t include tuition, the certificate candidacy fee (if applicable), or housing costs.

What’s covered by the International Program Fee?

The fee includes:

  • UCLA Bruincard (student ID card)
  • Library card
  • Comprehensive immigration advising for F-1 status maintenance
  • Support for CPT and OPT applications (when eligible)
  • Culturally rich international student activities
  • Immersive international student orientation
  • Receptions, networking activities, and a graduation celebration for certificate students
  • Housing referrals and resources
  • Bruin Promise – Alumni Network Membership 

When Should You Pay the Fees?

The International Student Fee is due each quarter. Additionally, tuition and course fees, determined by the selected courses, are payable each term in addition to the International Program Fee.