Renters Insurance – What Does Renters Insurance Cover

Renters insurance is also called tenants’ insurance. It is an insurance policy that offers some of the benefits of homeowners’ insurance but does not include coverage for the structure or dwelling except for minor alterations that a tenant makes to the structure.

It offers liability insurance, and the tenant’s property is covered against risks such as fire, vandalism, and theft. It also pays expenses when the dwelling becomes uninhabitable. It is designed to protect tenants or renters.

Renters insurance is a common form of property insurance that tenants take out when renting a home, apartment, condo, room, townhouse, or other type of dwelling. Keep reading to know all the necessary information on renters insurance.

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Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is property insurance that protects tenants living in a rented dwelling. Insurance companies provide coverage in exchange for premiums paid by people living in apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes.

Renters’ insurance exists mainly to protect against losses to the tenant’s property and provide them with liability coverage, but not to insure the actual dwelling. However, it is significantly less expensive than a homeowner’s policy.

Many medium-sized and large rental properties include a requirement in their lease that tenants hold renters insurance. The landlord and other tenants can recover against the perpetrator’s insurance if the tenant damages the premises.

Renters Insurance

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Typically, renters insurance includes three basic types of coverage:

  • Personal property coverage covers your belongings and even items stolen from your car or while traveling.
  • Personal liability protects you if someone is injured in your home and pays legal costs if you are liable and taken to court.
  • Additional living expenses: this pays the extra cost of food, rental, and other things that must be moved from your place for a short time because of damages from a covered loss.

Most renters insurance policies don’t cover floods, earthquakes, infestations, your roommate’s belongings, etc.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance policies vary based on the type of coverage the renter chooses. The higher the coverage, the higher the premium, so it doesn’t come at a fixed cost for everyone. The following are some factors that affect renters’ insurance costs:

  • Your credit scores.
  • The amount of coverage selected.
  • The location of your home.
  • Your claims history.
  • If you have some form of home security system.
  • The chosen deductible.

Here are the factors that affect the cost of renters’ insurance.

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How to get Renters Insurance

Here is a guideline on how to get renters insurance online:

  • Start by understanding what renters insurance covers.
  • Determine the renters insurance you need with the policy, such as coverage for your belongings and liability insurance.
  • Explore different renters’ insurance companies to know their coverage types beyond the basics. Top-rated companies offering renters insurance include Allstate, Nationwide, State Farm, Country Financial, etc.
  • Once you have a list of insurance companies you like, get and compare renters insurance quotes. The easiest way to shop for renters’ insurance is to compare quotes from multiple insurance providers. You can visit their official websites.
  • After comparing quotes, choose an insurance provider and apply. You can choose the renters insurance policy that suits your needs.

Then, pay your premium to activate your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.

Is Renters Insurance Compulsory by Law?

Renters’ insurance is not compulsory by law, but some landlords may require it as a condition of their lease agreement.

Can my Renters Insurance be Transferred to a New Apartment?

Yes, you can transfer your renter’s insurance to a new apartment. Just inform your insurance provider about your move and update the address on your policy to ensure continuous coverage.

Can I Cancel my Renter’s Insurance Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your renter’s insurance anytime by notifying your insurance provider.

Can I get Renters’ Insurance Even if I Live with Roommates?

You can get renters insurance even if you are living with roommates. Still, discussing the coverage with your insurance provider is essential because individual policies might be needed to ensure that each person’s belongings are well protected.


Renters insurance is a policy that protects tenants’ personal belongings and offers liability coverage. It protects against financial loss due to fire, theft, or other covered events and provides liability protection if someone is injured in the rental unit.

Renters insurance is highly recommended to protect your belongings and liability.