5 Places you can Check for Information that isn’t Wikipedia

There are more than 5 Places you can Check for Information that isn’t Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world, with mirror versions available in so many languages. Wikipedia is a non-profit site policed by hundreds of volunteers. Wikipedia is said to be a free encyclopedia anyone can edit, making it have issues of vandalism.

5 Places you can Check for Information that isn’t Wikipedia

These are several other places or sites where one can get different kinds of online encyclopedias aside from Wikipedia.

#1 Encyclopedia Britannica online

Encyclopedia Britannica online is a site that provides trusted and unbiased facts. Encyclopedia Britannica’s online information has been transferred to Web Format, in addition to multimedia features and an easy search tool.

Updates to the sites are done by professionals. Encyclopedia Britannica online’s only drawback is that it is not free. To gain full access to Encyclopedia Britannica online, you must pay a subscription fee annually. It is a very reliable source to get information when making research.

#2 Citizendium

Citizendium is also a good alternative to Wikipedia as all articles are subject to approval by the site’s editorial team.  To become a distributor, you must register under your real name.

#3 Conservapedia

Conservapedia is a conservative, Christian-influenced wiki encyclopedia. Information from Conservapedia is free of sexual topics, foul language, and anything offensive by the site’s editorial staff. It is ensured that Conservapedia users follow the site’s seven commandments.

#4 Infoplease

Infoplease is an online encyclopedia that is a part of Pearson Education, the largest educational book distributor. Information from Infoplease is said to be gathered from trusted sources like the Columbia Electronic encyclopedia.

Information found on this site is accurate and cannot be influenced by outside users although entries may be limited in size compared to Wikipedia. Infoplease also has multimedia features that can be useful to researchers, especially students.

#5 Scholarpedia

Scholarpedia is a site similar to Wikipedia as it was made from the same software. As the name implies, information is written by scholars, experts are either invited or elected before they are given certain topics.

Although the site can be edited by anyone like a wiki, updates must be approved before they are made final. With this, all information added to the site is accurate and attributed to an author.


Where can you find good sources aside from Wikipedia?

There are some good sources to check for information aside from Wikipedia, some of them are Encyclopedia Britannica online, Scholarpedia, Citizendium, Infoplease, Uncyclopedia, Conservapedia, and MSN Encarta.

What is there not a Wikipedia page for?

Wikipedia is not a plat to promote things or publish your thoughts and is also not a website for personal communication, a freely licensed media repository, or a censored publication.

Is there a better site than Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has grown to overshadow the encyclopedia in the age of the internet. But Britannica is a reliable source and is more reliable than Wikipedia.

What are the 5 pillars of Wikipedia?

The five pillars of Wikipedia are Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, is written from a neutral point of view, is free content anyone can use, edit and distribute, has no firm rules and Wikipedia’s editors should treat each other with respect and civility.

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