Bankofamerica/activatedebitcard huh? If you just received a new bank of America debit card, you will have to activate the card. That is to say, new Cardholders gets to utilize their BOA debit Card after passing through the activation process.


And one of the best ways to activate your card is through online access. You’re to register for online access to enable you to activate your new card with ease.

The registration and activation steps are very easy with the guidelines provided in this post. So endeavor to read to the bottom.


With your Bank of America debit card cardmembers can shop with ease and with confidence. The debit card comes with lots of outstanding security features, so there’s nothing to worry about in terms of security.

BOA provides two simple ways BOA cardmembers can activate their new card. Activating by phone or online. However, to activate your card online you have to visit their official login page. In case you have not enrolled in online banking, you definitely need to do that right away. The section below will guide you through.

How to Register For Online Banking to Activate Your Card

To activate your bankofamerica debit card, navigate with the following steps;

  • Progress to bank Of America Debit card activation page
  • Tap on “Enroll in online banking”.
  • Confirm your identity
  • Verify your card and create your login credentials plus your security questions
  • Follow the onscreen prompt to activate your new card.

During this activation process, it might require your card number, SSN, or Tax ID number.

Activating BOA debit card over the phone: If you don’t want to follow the online activation procedure to activate your card, you can call on the customer service Agents.

Bank of America Debit Card Login

Follow these steps to log into your account

You will successfully access your account, using the above steps.

Checking Your debit card balance: after you log in to your account. It should lead you to your card account dashboard. On the dashboard find the check balance button or any related tab and click on it, to check your balance.

BOA Debit Card Online Banking Features

There are several features that surround having your BOA debit card online banking account. The feature is what we will be unveiling in this particular section.

Ability to Transfer Funds

Card users can transfer funds from one account to another. With the Bank of America debit card, transferring funds from one account to the other is very easy. You just need to log into your account to get started.

Quick Access To Multiple Accounts

It gives card users fast and secure access to their accounts. However, with your User ID and password, you can access all your accounts, that’s if you have multiple  BOA accounts.

Provides Effective Alerts Service

Cardmembers get alerts regarding their transactions and account activities. The service aids Cardholders in managing their accounts. However, to receive an alert, you need to register for the alert service.

Easy Online Bill payment

Online bill payment is one of the easiest and outstanding ways to pay bills. Cardholders can pay their bills online by logging into their card account. To progress with payments, you will have to enter your payment details and then follow the prompt.

Provides Access to All your Account Activities

With online banking, Cardholders can view their account activities. So, instead of waiting to receive your balance statements, why not log in to your account to check your balance or financial status. You can only achieve this once you register for online banking.

Bankofamerica Debit Card Customer Service

If you have any queries, you lose your card or you can’t Activate or access your account, kindly contact the customer support Agent. To get BOA Customer Service Phone Number, please visit the BOA debit card official website.


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