Best 10 Pastry Chefs Schools in the World 2023

Speaking of Best 10 Pastry Chefs Schools in the World 2023, Pastry Chef Schools are culinary schools that educate chefs in the techniques of baking and pastry making to measure up with the international standard. They are vocational learning centers where food inventory, kitchen management, and international cooking skills are taught.

Becoming a pastry chef does not really require you to earn a certificate before working, but the better your educational level is, the better your employment opportunity. There are top pastry schools with quite affordable fees and good rankings. Here are the best 10 Pastry Chefs Schools;

#1 French Culinary Institute

This is a top pastry chef school designed by Jacques Torres. This school has campuses in San Franciso Bay Area and New York City. French Culinary Institute, currently named the International Culinary Center offers a 6-month program for full-time students and a 9-month program for part-time students.

#2 Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts

With its main branch located in Paris, France, this is one of the best places for aspiring chefs to attend. Their pastry chef programs can be applied for in Miami, San Francisco, Hollywood Los Angeles, and other US locations. They offer a 15 weeks diploma and a 30-month associate degree program.

#3 Star Career Academy

With its campus located in Long Island, New York, it is one of the best pastry chef schools in North America as it is highly recommended by previous graduates. Star Career Academy offers countless occupational programs, and also has sub-specialties in pastry and confectionary arts. You can earn a certificate in baking and pastry arts as a full-time or part-time student at Star Career Academy.

#4 The International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes

They offer baking and pastry courses in various colleges in selected cities. Each of the art institutes has different international culinary schools. They offer diploma and associate degree courses at affordable rates.

#5 Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

This school’s curriculum is based on teaching the skills of Auguste Escoffier. They offer diploma and degree programs in baking and pastry and also have campuses scattered around the United States. They mostly specialize in culinary and pastry arts education.


#6 The School of Artisan Food

The School of Artisan Food, located in Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest in the United Kingdom, they are popularly known for training in the art of cheese making, bread making, and other artisan skills. If you happen to be a chef with an interest in learning particular cooking areas, you should put this school into consideration.

#7 The Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America, located in Hyde Park, New York is renowned for training high-end chefs. They offer a Baking and Pastry Arts Associate in Occupational Studies AOS and a Baking and Pastry Arts Bachelor’s degree. They also provide externships with teachings and training on how to manage a pastry business.

#8 Castello di Vicarello

Castello di Vicarello offers short professional courses like diplomas. This institute is actually a Castle Hotel in Tuscany, Italy meant for relaxing in the Mediterranean climate. Here, you would expand your cooking and baking skills.

#9 New England Culinary Institute

The New England Culinary Institute has its branch in Vermont, USA, and is well known for producing world-class chefs. They offer different courses such as culinary arts, baking, pastry, food, and beverage management.

#10 Kendall College School of Culinary Arts

Kendall College is renowned for its contributions to innovation in the food and beverage industry, and also had a great positive impact on international cuisine.

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