Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Cleaning Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship program offers a huge opportunity for cleaners who seek to further their career in the united states. The visa Sponsorship program in the US enables employers to sponsor Foreign workers to move to the US. So, if you dream of immigrating to the US as a cleaner, you need to read to the end.

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Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Most US cleaning jobs come with a good salary and some companies/ house cleaning jobs come with free accommodation. This type of job is great for people looking for a temporary job in the US. You can take advantage of the visa Sponsorship program to get the free US work visa

Who is a Cleaner?

A Cleaner is someone who is responsible for keeping offices, homes, hotels, or other public areas neat and organized. Their primary responsibility includes sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors, dusting countertops, ceilings, and furniture, and sanitizing bathrooms, kitchens, or other public areas.

Furthermore, a cleaner works to keep an organization tidy and orderly by taking stock of cleaning supplies and completing small cleaning jobs all through the day- jobs like emptying trash cans, washing windows, and scrubbing any dirty areas. However, cleaners are mostly given a certain set of tasks to complete before their shift and must have them finished by the end of the day.

Best Cleaning Jobs in the US to Apply for with Visa Sponsorship

Check out the following US cleaning jobs you can get with free visa Sponsorship!

Executive Housekeeper

the duty of an executive housekeeper is to oversee all aspects of a household like cooking, laundry, decorations, and landscaping.

Janitor cleaning job

The process primary duty of a janitor is to keep the surroundings and all surfaces neat – surfaces like floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture. However, a janitor will have to vacuum, sanitize restrooms, take out trash and also recycle trash.

House Keeper

The primary responsibility of a housekeeper is to keep the inside and outside of a house clean as well as to do other general cleaning duties.

Residential Cleaner

The primary duty of a residential cleaner is to clean their client’s apartments, homes, corrido, and any other residential properties. Their work also includes dusting, sweeping, mopping, and washing floors, toilets, showers, driveways, counters, windows, and all parts of the apartment area.

Hotel Housekeeper

The duty of a hotel housekeeper is to ensure that rooms and other areas of the hotel are clean every day. This type of job is the best cleaning Job to Apply for in USA with Visa Sponsorship.

Commercial Cleaner

A commercial cleaner is someone who is responsible for cleaning business environments, such as offices, schools, factories, and also restaurants.

Cleaner Skills and Qualifications

A good Cleaner needs the right skills and qualifications. Is good for a cleaner to

  • Be able to handle cleaning chemicals safely
  • Must be able to multitask and stick to their schedules
  • Have Good Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Proactivity
  • The ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • The ability to follow health and safety standards
  • Time management

These are some of the skills of a good cleaner.

Cleaner Job Education and Training Requirements in USA

Cleaners are basically required to have a high school diploma or GED. A lot of cleaning jobs in the US are entry-level and ask that employees have some prior experience. However, team leaders may be expected to have some college education or several years of experience as a Cleaner.

Based on the Job role, Cleaners may also have to complete additional training requirements. Industrial Cleaners, for instance, may have to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration chemical safety standards.

How to Apply for US Cleaning Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

To apply for a visa Sponsored cleaning job in the united states of America, follow the steps below

You will be instructed on the type of US work visa to apply for.

H1 Visa Sponsorship for US Cleaning Jobs

H1 visa is a temporary US Employment visa that enables employers to petition for foreign professionals to work in specialty occupations. This type of US work visa also allows US Employers to grant a paid visa to a foreign employee. Though, this can only be possible if the foreigner will return to his or her home country at the completion of their duty.

Cleaner Job Salary In USA

The average salary of a Cleaner is around $11.42 per hour. The lowest amount is around $7.25 per hour and the highest amounts come in at $22.95 per hour.

Importance of Cleaning Jobs in the USA

Cleaning Jobs whether full-time cleaning or part-time cleaning job is very necessary both in residential and commercial areas. Here are some of the benefits of a cleaning career;

  • An Employer is sure of getting a thorough, deeper, and intense cleaning
  • Stay in a clean and conducive environment.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of contracting diseases and lots more.
  • The cleaner can earn a living through a cleaning job

These are some of the importance of a cleaning job.

What’s the difference between a Cleaner and a Housekeeper?

In most cases, Housekeepers usually travel to different houses and perform light cleaning tasks several times a week. They primarily work in people’s houses or in a hotel setting completing several projects like washing and drying dishes, changing bed linens, and picking up clutter.

While a cleaner Cleaner can work not just in houses or hotels, but also in many workplace environments performing both light and deep cleaning services. Further, if a cleaner works in someone’s home, they usually come over less than a Housekeeper and provide more deep cleaning services such as wiping and sanitizing entire kitchens, scrubbing down bathrooms, and shampooing and vacuuming upholstery and carpets.

Is it possible to get sponsorship in USA?

Typically, you can get US visa sponsorship once you have a working job offer in your name from a US Employer. This means that the employer will be the one to sponsor the Visa and submit related documents on the behalf of the potential employee. Although conditions apply for the sponsorship

How can I work in USA without Sponsorship?

You can work in the US without Sponsorship. The government of the US offers three types of visas that allow someone to work in the US without visa Sponsorship. These types of US visas are EB-1, O-1, and EB-5. Thus, you can get any of this is visas through an immigration attorney who can help with obtaining one of these visas.

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