New research today (August 24, 2021) confirms Europes Summer Flood Worsen Due to Climate Change. The threat to similar disasters grows as people around the world continue burning fossil fuels and pumping out greenhouse gas emissions. Before now, a single-day rainfall event in the affected region is between 3 to 19 percent more intense than it would be without human-caused climate change.

Europe’s Summer Flood Worsen Due to Climate Change

Global warming also is a factor that makes extreme rainfall events like the one that triggered mid-July floods in Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands between 1.2 and nine times more likely to occur in the region. Over a hundred and fifty people died in Germany and Belgium of swollen rivers and floods that raged through entire towns knocking homes off their foundations.

Europes Summer Flood Worsen Due to Climate Change

According to research, this disaster was triggered by heavy rainfall that smashed records as the amount of water that may likely fall over a couple of months came down in just two days. The occurrence of this event demonstrated that huge damages and fatalities caused by climate change can strike anywhere.

Statement from Frank Kreienkamp (the Head of Regional Climate Office Postdam at the German weather service Deutscher Wetterdienst) says Western Europe’s local and national authorities need to be aware of the increasing risks from extreme precipitation to be better prepared for other potential future events.

What is the Cause of Exacerbated Climate Change?

From a landmark United Nations climate report earlier this month, human activity is the main culprit behind the more extreme weather the world is beginning to experience. The report further states that by burning fossil fuels, humans have released greenhouse gases that heat the planet thereby intensifying the water cycle.

What is the Cause of the Exacerbated Climate Change?

In addition, the same report aggregated the findings from hundreds of attribution studies that determine if climate change supercharged individual weather events, and a new attribution study of Europes July floods has been released by an international group of 39 researchers. Although the study has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal, the researchers used established methods to analyze the event quickly.

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