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Facebook Create Room is one of the Facebook features that set up a platform within FB that contains about 50 persons. With this feature, you can hold a meeting with friends and colleagues in the messenger room.

Facebook Create Room

The Facebook platform is improving day by day thereby giving its users a great and wonderful experience. However, creating room on FB is a great avenue for people to call and chat with about 50 people.

Do you know you can share rooms on Facebook via news feed, events, and groups? How does it work? The video call host will send a link to you, all you do is to click on the link and join straight away.

Facebook Create Room

Do you intend to be a host? If yes, there are basic things you must know.

  • You can decide to make your room public, that is to say, all your friends can see and join the room.
  • You can also choose to invite and whether allow invite link-sharing or not.

Moreover, when you turn on the invite link sharing button, You can invite more people including non-facebook users. Wow! It’s becoming interesting right? You might be wondering how to go about creating the messenger room, but don’t worry the section beneath will walk you through.

Creating Messenger Room On Facebook

To create an Fb Messenger room from your device, you need to have the latest version of Facebook and Messenger apps. If you don’t have these apps, you can download them from the Google Play Store or the App Store. After installing the apps, you need to follow the simple steps in the section below

How to Create Facebook Room

To create a room on FB, do this;

  • Open the FB messenger app
  • Click on the “People” button.
  • Then, tap on the “create a room” button at the top
  • Select the people you would like to add to the room.
  • After selecting the people you want, proceed and tap on the “shared link” button.

With this you will successfully send the link to the people you invited to join the room, thereby letting them join whether they have a Facebook account.

Create Room, Facebook What does it Mean?

Create room on Facebook is simply the act of setting up a video chat platform on Facebook where up to 50persons can be added to make a video chat with one another.

In the room, the chief host can choose to Lock or unlock a room while making the call and can also disconnect anyone from the call. Moreover, even the participants, can as well leave any time they want.

Facebook Create Room Turn Off – Facebook Create Room Disable

Do you intend to turn off your messenger room? If yes! Then, you must know that turning it off removes all participants and disables the link. However, to turn off/disable your room, follow the guide below

  • Go to your FB account
  • Hit on the room tab to access the platform
  • Click on the see all party(the icon looks like a human head)
  • Tap on the “settings” tab
  • Click on “end room by tapping on the X button
  • Lastly, click the “End room “ button

These are procedures to turn off or disable the chat room.

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