Fidelity 401k offers an amazing workplace savings plan for retirees. Start saving as soon as you can and discover the benefits of contributing to your workplace savings plan. Not minding where you are in life, with the knowledge and tools you’ll find from fidelity, you can take steps toward retirement confidently.

Fidelity 401k

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In this write-up find out all you need to know about fidelity net benefits, Fidelity 401k small business plan, fidelity retirement account, and more.

Fidelity 401k

With fidelity 401k plan, the earlier you start saving, the more time your money has to grow. This can help you reach your retirement savings goals. Walking down the path to saving for your retirement may be easier than you think, by enrolling in your 401(k) workplace savings plan.

However, you’ll also gain a sense of achievement and maybe gather the courage to take the next step – whether it’s getting back on track after an event in your life has slowed your savings, or creating a plan for living out your dreams in retirement.

What Is Fidelity 401k Plan

401(k) plan is a type of retirement plan offered through your workplace. If your employer offers a 401(k) plan, is good to grab that opportunity and participate asap.

Apart from providing a way to invest for retirement, their huge tax advantages fidelity 401(k) plan may offer. Take for instance, in some plans your contribution comes out of your paycheck before income taxes are deducted, this simply means your tax bill will be lower.

Another advantage is that you will have the chance to get “free” money from your employer in the form of matching contributions (fidelity match). 401k Retirement Plan

Start saving for retirement today and aim for an amount that’s manageable. You can challenge yourself to save 1% or more each year toward retirement. Although 1% is a small percentage of your annual earnings, after about 20 or 30 years it can make a big difference in your total savings.

However, the key to growing your savings is to increase your contributions every year. If your plan lets you set automatic increases yearly, why not take advantage of it? Fidelity recommends building up to saving 15% of your income toward retirement yearly.

Fidelity Retirement Plan Accounts

Start saving for retirement today by enrolling in your plan. It won’t take long at all to set up, It will only take a few minutes. You can enroll by phone by contacting a Fidelity representative to get help enrolling in your plan. Alternatively, enroll by filling up the registration form online.

How to Enroll for Fidelity 401 Retirement Plan

The First step is to sign up for an account, then you can start saving and investing. To register for an account, do this;

These are steps to enroll for a fidelity 401 retirement account online.

How to Enroll Over the Phone

To enroll for fidelity benefits over the phone contact the customer service representative. To get fidelity customer service phone number, take this steps

These are steps to enroll for fidelity 401(k) over the phone.

Fidelity 401k Login

There are different ways to login to fidelity 401 account. You can log in online or download the fidelity apps. Fidelity app for 401k is known as  NetBenefits App However, both the online and Mobile login steps are very easy and fast.

www fidelity 401k com Login Procedure

Kindly follow the guide beneath to log in to your fidelity retirement account

These are the steps to login to your account online.

Fidelity Net Benefits App

With the Net fidelity app, you can access your workplace benefits. In other words, use Fidelity NetBenefits App to access your retirement plans, Stock plans, and other benefits. However, to see what your employer offers, log in or check to see if you’re registered. You can also Login via fidelity NetBenefits to increase your contribution.

Fidelity 401k Login App

To access your account via fidelity NetBenefits app, you will need to download the app first. The mobile app is available on the Google play store and Apple app store. Follow this guide to download the app;

  • Go to the Play Store or App store
  • In the search bar, type in fidelity app/NetBenefits app
  • Select the app
  • Click the Install or Get link
  • Follow the prompt to download the app
  • Launch the app
  • Scroll to the login section, enter your login details, and login to your account.

These are steps to login to your account via the app

Fidelity Customer Service Number

Searching for the Phone number for fidelity 401k? The Fidelity 401k phone number is available on their official website.

With the above steps, you will get the customer service phone number.

Can I take my money out of my Fidelity 401k?

With a 401(k) loan plan, you can borrow money from your retirement savings account. Depending on what your employer’s plan allows, you could take out as much as 50% of your savings, up to a maximum of $50,000, within a 12-month period.

How do I contact Fidelity 401k?

If you have a query about your Fidelity 401(k) or other workplace benefits, call the phone number provided by the employer related to your plan or call the Fidelity 401(k) phone number available at

How do I find my 401k account?

To find your old 401k account, simply contact the human resources department or the 401(k) administrator at the company where you used to work.

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