Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada – Apply Now

Fully funded scholarships in Canada emerged as a solution to overcome the obstacles associated with actualizing academic dreams. Canada has become even more popular because of its globally recognized courses, quality education, and abundant job opportunities.

Canada is a beautiful country located in North America. It ranks among the prestigious countries to study in, and receiving a degree from a reputable university in Canada has its perks. These scholarships come in different forms and require certain eligibility criteria.

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What Fully Funded Scholarships Entail

Procuring a fully funded scholarship in Canada can go a long way in alleviating the financial stress of paying for your tuition and other fees. Fully funded scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, research projects, accommodation, and more.

Canada is an ideal destination for international students due to its numerous advantages. If you have ever dreamt of schooling in Canada, your dream will come true. This article will enlighten you about the best fully funded scholarships in Canada.

Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

Top 5 fully funded scholarships in Canada

The following are the top 5 fully funded scholarships in Canada in no particular order.

University of Alberta Scholarships

The University of Alberta scholarships were first established in 1908. They have given over $100 million to students on a global scale. Various sources, such as the Canadian government and private donors fund the scholarships.

Candidates must apply for a degree program and receive a CCID and password for the application. These scholarships require full-time enrollment to receive the award. It covers over $34 million yearly and includes country-specific scholarships and entrance awards.

Website: https://www.ualberta.ca/admissions/international/tuition-and-scholarships/scholarships-and-awards

University of Toronto Scholarships

The University of Toronto scholarships were first given in 1827. Now, the number of fully funded scholarships awarded annually is over 3,600. It is based on financial need, merit, and community engagement. However, the specific eligibility criteria are dependent on the scholarship.

These scholarship programs are for international and domestic students seeking to pursue graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral programs at the University of Toronto.

Website: https://future.utoronto.ca/finances/awards/admission-awards

University of British Columbia (UBC) Scholarships

These scholarship awards were first awarded in 1915. There are over 700 scholarships open to University of British Columbia students. It is based on academic performance, leadership potential, and other criteria.

Some scholarships require an application, and the deadline varies depending on the scholarship. These awards are for international students who are applying for undergraduate and master’s programs at the University of British Columbia.

Website: https://you.ubc.ca/financial-planning/scholarships-awards-international-students

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship was established in 1975. It was created to encourage excellence in the master’s program at Ontario University. It awards over 3,00 scholarships to students in all disciplines each year.

This scholarship is based on merit. It is basically for students pursuing their graduate studies. The financial coverage of this ward is $10,000 per scholarship, although it varies.

Website: https://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/awards/ontario-graduate-scholarship/

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

These scholarship awards were launched in 2008 by the Canadian government. It is planned to attract and retain excellent doctoral students to universities in Canada. International students, citizens of Canada, and permanent residents are eligible. This scholarship covers $38,100 each year.

Website: https://vanier.gc.ca/en/home-accueil.html

The Application Process

To apply for these scholarships, follow these guidelines;

  • Start by researching fully funded scholarships.
  • Know the eligibility criteria.
  • Prepare the required documents.
  • Begin the process of application.
  • Pay attention to application deadlines.
  • Review your application.
  • Submit your application, and look forward to receiving your notification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.

What are the Benefits of Fully Funded Scholarships?

Fully funded scholarships cover feeding, full tuition, accommodation, health insurance, allowance, and other fees.

Are there Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for Undergraduate Studies?

Yes. Several universities in Canada, such as the University of Toronto and the University of Alberta, offer fully funded scholarships for undergraduates.

Who can Apply for Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada?

It is open to international students who meet the eligibility criteria. However, fully funded scholarships vary depending on the program and the institution.

Are Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada Merit-based?

Some of the fully funded scholarships in Canada are merit-based, such as the University of British Columbia and University of Toronto scholarships.


Universities in Canada are quite generous when awarding scholarships to international students. In other words, Canada offers diverse opportunities for students who wish to get a quality education. The country is known as a welcoming nation that values inclusivity and diversity.

Studying in Canada can be a great investment as students can take advantage of the country’s strong labor market and secure well-paying jobs.