Getstreaming | How to Cast & Turn Off Getstreaming

Getstreaming is very useful to stream your favourite shows on TV from other online streaming platforms. You just have to get the Getstreaming. tv code and pair your device to stream the show on your television. Getstreaming tv code is the code that helps users connect their TV with their mobile devices which helps them stream their favourite shows.

Getstreaming | How to Cast & Turn Off Getstreaming

Most TVs are built with the Google Chromecast in it which allows users cats their favourite shows on TV from other online streaming platforms. Chromecast is a media streaming device by Google that enables you to cast your favourite entertainment from your mobile device to your TV.


Get streaming allows its users to stream shows on TV using the Get streaming tv code. The Get streaming tv code will be shown on the television screen and should be entered into the mobile device to connect the devices. By so doing users can stream their favourite shows from other platforms on their TV screen.

Before casting you should make sure you are on the correct Wi-Fi network. Also, make sure you are casting from a supported device and you have the latest version of the app. You can download the app from the Google play store or Apple app store.

How to Cast

To cast from your mobile device to the pairing TV;

  • Select “Google Chromecast” on the interactive TV menu or channel guide
  • Pair your mobile device to the Wi-fi network shown on your TV screen
  • Using an internet-connected device, Go to
  • Enter the code shown on the TV screen
  • Agree to their terms and conditions
  • Click on the connect option

With your mobile device paired, you can open any cast-enabled app, and tap the cast icon. You can now stream your favourite shows from different cast-enabled apps.

How do I Turn Off Getstream?

To turn off Getstream, all you have to do is tap the cast button for options to disconnect.

How do I Cast from my Laptop?

To cast from your laptop, go to using the chrome browser and enter the code displayed on your tv screen.

What devices are supported?

The supported devices are iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Laptops and computers that meet the casting system requirements are also supported.  

Can I use Make Use of my Device While Casting?

Yes. Once you cast, you can use your device for other things while your entertainment continues to play on the TV.

Do I Need the Google Cast App?

No. you do not compulsorily need the Google Cast App, you may be free to use any free app that connects your device to your TV. All you have to do is just follow the instructions on the screen.

Is There a Charge to Cast?

No. Casting is at no cost. Although some hotels may charge for access to the hotel Wi-Fi which is a requirement for casting.

How do I Switch Apps While Casting?

To switch apps, open a different app and select the cast button within the app to override what is currently casting on the TV.

Will Casting Drain my Battery?

The answer is No. your device battery is only used to initiate the stream. Once the content has been selected it is streamed from the cloud to the TV, leaving your device resources alone and saving your battery.

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