Global Entry Renewal | How to Renew Your Global Entry Membership

Global Entry Renewal allows you to renew your membership one year prior to the program expiration. If a renewal application is submitted before your membership expires, you will be able to use benefits up to 24 months after your membership expiration date, if your Global Entry renewal does not get processed in time.

Global Entry Renewal | How to Renew Your Global Entry Membership

Global Entry Renewal

To renew your Global Entry membership;

  • Go to
  • Click the LOG IN option
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your password
  • Click the Sign in option
  • Select Manage membership, then the Trusted Traveler Program Enrollment page will be displayed
  • Select the Renew Application option, the personal information page will appear
  • Use the application wizard to change your personal information by selecting the specific category(ies) link
  • Select U.S Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program List on the Application wizard
  • Click the box next to each program you want to renew
  • Select the enrollment centre hyperlink to get the list of available centres
  • Select the Next option
  • Click Update and then select Certify at the bottom of the page
  • Select the Next option and make payments.

Follow these steps to renew Global Entry.

Do I Need to Interview Again for Global Entry Renewal?

An interview program might not be necessary. Once your Global Entry renewal application and fees is submitted, check your TTP account periodically for updates on what actions are required to complete the renewal process. An email will be sent to you once your membership status changes.

How Much is Global Entry Renewal?

The renewal fee for Global Entry is $100, which is the same cost as your original application.

Can I Renew my TSA Global Entry Online?

You can start the Global Entry renewal process up to a year before your Global Entry membership expires.

How Long Does Global Entry Renewal Take?

Once the renewal application is submitted before the membership expires, CBP will give you a six-month grace period to complete and submit your renewal.

Can You Renew Your Global Entry After it Expires?

To renew your global entry online, you should log into the Trusted Traveler Program Website, select the Renew application option and fill in the required information.

Do I Need to Update Global Entry When I Get a New Passport?

You can update your passport information through your TTP account. Click on the Update documents, if the passport update involves a name change, you must visit a Global Entry enrollment centre to update your information.

Can I Use Global Entry Card Instead of a Passport?

No. when you use the Global Entry kiosk, you will need to use your passport or U.S Lawful permanent resident card. The Global Entry card does not work when entering the United States by air through the Global Entry kiosks.

Which Countries Accept Global Entry?

Global Entry is available to citizens of the Netherlands who are enrolled in FLUX and Korean Smart Entry Service members. Citizens of Germany, Panama and Mexico may also apply for Global Entry. Canadian NEXUS members have Global Entry benefits but are not eligible to join.

Can You Fly Domestically with a Global Entry Card?

Yes. You should remember to bring your Global Entry card or passport with you every time you travel domestically.

Can I Add Global Entry to TSA PreCheck?

Yes. You can upgrade TSA PreCheck to Global entry with a one-time fee to get all the benefits of TSA PreCheck plus easier entry to the United States upon coming back with Global Entry.

How Long is Global Entry Interview?

Global Entry interview is relatively short and can last from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Do Seniors Automatically Get TSA PreCheck?

No. anyone who wants to receive PreCheck needs to apply for it.

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