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Joinpdcom is a platform to join a presentation in progress with your Pear deck join code. Pear Deck is a service both teachers and students can access enjoying a variety of tools and resources for free. Pear deck helps both teachers and students take virtual classes as it is an interactive presentation tool.


The teachers are expected to create presentations using their Google Drive accounts. App peardeck can be used by anyone like teachers, students, building administrators, consultants, district administrators, librarians, media specialists, technology administrators, and others.


Pear deck join combines slide presentations with interactive questions and is completely safe. To get started, the teacher is expected to create a presentation by signing in to his/ her JoinPD account, then send the Peardeck join code to all concerned students to join the ongoing class.

Join pd is designed to help students develop a positive mindset toward academics by creating a convenient classroom community. Using this tool, the teacher must create a presentation and send the invitation code to the students.

To get started, the teacher must create an account and get the Joinpd code, then send the code to the involved students;

  • Visit
  • Click the menu option at the top right side of the page
  • Click “Teacher Login”
  • Log in with Google or Microsoft

When the teacher creates the presentation and uploads it to, the representative is given an access code the teacher sends to the group to help them answer queries.

How to Participate in pear deck as a student

To participate or to join in the class;

  • Visit the official website
  • Enter the 5-digit code that was sent to your by your teacher
  • Click “Join”

Then you are allowed to join the class.

Is Pd com free for teachers?

Pear Deck is a free service; teachers and academies can access tools and different resources for free.

Can I participate in a class on Pear Deck without the code?

No, you cannot. The Joinpd code is required for you to participate in a class so you should request for the code from your teacher.

How do I join Pd com?

As explained in this article, visit the website, and enter the 5-digit Pear Deck code in your session on Alternatively, Teachers can share the link to their session which was obtained when clicking give students the link.

What is Pear Deck for Google Slides?

Pear Deck is a free add-on tool in Google Slides that are used to create engaging and interactive exhibits. This interactive feature allows teachers to develop and create Google slide presentations and access their student’s understanding.

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