KENA Bridge of Spirits is Now Available!

Shout out to all who have been waiting as KENA Bridge of Spirits is Now Available! Yes, you heard that right. KENA Bridge of the Spirits has finally been released and it was released in two editions. There is the Digital Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition.

KENA Bridge of Spirits is Now Available

On the Digital Edition, you just have the game. However, on the Digital Deluxe Edition, you have;

  • Kena Digital Soundtrack
  • Kena Digital Deluxe Staff
  • Golden Rot Skin

Currently, you can purchase the game on the PlayStation Official site.

KENA Bridge of Spirits is Now Available – State of Play Trailer

The GamePlay

You play as Kena, a soul guide who is in transit to a close-by town. You’re not given a huge measure of detail from the off, and your first prologue to the town is through a veiled senior figure, voiced by the excellent Masashi Odate.

The mountain and its encompassing backwoods and towns have been ruined all through, with the phantoms of tortured spirits abandoned for a huge number of reasons — despondency, a failure to adapt to change, or basically declining to embrace the situation of progress. You’re normally just managing each specific resident’s torture in turn, which gives a section-like construction to Kena’s story.

Final Words

Kena’s own story, maybe properly given her vocation as a medium, assumes a lower priority for a strong piece of the game while you settle the townspeople’s torture. Her wind is conveyed a lot later, and keeping in mind that it’s functional all things considered, it implies you spend essentially the initial five or six hours — the greater part of my all-out playthrough — evading and shooting had bark without having a strong establishing in what precisely carried Kena to this neglected land.

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