Login Facebook Google? Do you want to access your Facebook account using google search? If yes! The procedure is very simple. This will be outlining basic steps on how to access FB via Google.

Login Facebook Google

Facebook is the latest and most populated social media platform. It boasts over 2.23 billion active users. Furthermore, Facebook was founded in the year 2004 by a student of Harvard, called Mark Zuckerberg.

The platform helps to bring people from far and near together. And also serve as a medicine for boredom. There is no way you can be on Facebook and you will say you’re bored, even if you’re alone at home.

Login Facebook Google

To log in to Facebook Google, go to www.facebook.com

Facebook.com is the official website for Facebook. The website offers potential users free sign up or registration. Users register for free to connect with friends, colleagues add people they don’t know online.

Members are allowed to share pictures, videos articles, their thoughts, and opinion on the platform. You can access your FB account by going to the Facebook website if you don’t have the mobile app yet.

Facebook Login Check

With your mobile phone or computer browser, you can easily visit the Facebook website sign up for an account.  During sign up, you will have to create your username and password. Thy Username and Password will be used to log in to your account.

Free Facebook Login

To log into your Facebook account Using google search for free, do the following;

  • Go to FB website at facebook.com
  • Key in your email address. If you used your mobile number to sign up, type enter it in the “email or phone” column
  • Fill in your account password
  • Then click on the “login” widget.
  • If you want to stay logged in, click on the “keep me logged in” button. If you don’t want to, you can bypass it.

If you don’t have an FB account yet, follow the sign up steps in the section below.

Facebook Sign Up – www.facebook.com/signup

To sign up for an account with Facebook from FB web home, follow these directives

  • Go to facebook.com
  • Click on the registration button, it can be “sign up” or “create an account”
  • Fill in name, correct email, choose a password, your birth date, and gender
  • Hit on the create an account tab.
  • Facebook will send you a code in your email.
  • Launch your email and click on the confirmation link.
  • After confirming your account, it will lead you to a page, where you will find friends.
  • Click the “find friends” button. Fb will suggest friends from your contact
  • Fill in your profile
  • Upload your photo etc

These are steps to sign up for a Facebook account via Google search.

Facebook Lite Login

To log in to Facebook lite, visit the Google search page. Then search for Facebook lite. From the result, you will see the Facebook lite website, click on it. Then enter your FB Username and Password in the login field.

Old Facebook Login

To access Facebook using your old Facebook account, do the following;

  • Progress to FB website at facebook.com
  • Type in your email address and password of your old Facebook account.
  • Then, click the login tab

These are procedures to log into your old FB account.

Recover Facebook Login Password

Can’t remember your Facebook login account password? Follow the steps below to reset it;

  • Go to Facebook at facebook.com and scroll to the login page
  • Press the “forgot password” button. The section is at the top of the page.
  • Select the recovery method you want from the options (email me a link to reset password or get a code from my smartphone)
  • Then follow the onscreen prompt to reset your password.

You will successfully reset your password using these steps.


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