Pay Bill – How to Make MyChartPLUS Payments is the website used to access your MyChartPLUS account and also pay bills. MyChartPLUS is an online tool that allows you access to your personalized health records and information. MyChartPLUS is also a way to check your medical records online. Pay Bill

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From your MyChartPLUS account, you have access to your medical and surgical history, immunization records, allergies, lab and test results, and your current medical problems.  MyChartPLUS is a completely free service that is offered to Hartford Health Care patients. From your MyChartPLUS account, you can;

  • Request medication refills
  • Schedule appointments
  • Receive health reminders
  • Receive Non-urgent medical advice
  • Update your medical information
  • Share your clinical information with providers outside of Hartford Health Care
  • Request Customer service
  • Communicate with your Provider and Care Team Pay Bill

You can pay bills from the website. To make payments, the account number is required which is either the guarantor’s account number or a specific visit account number and the Guarantor’s last name is also required.

The guarantor is the person responsible for the payment of the bills. You would find the guarantor’s name and account number on the statement. A visit account is how your charges are grouped together to bill insurance and also represent your billing activity for a single visit. It is also possible for you to have multiple visit accounts with their balance.

How to Make MyChartPLUS Payments

  • Visit
  • Sign in to your account
  • Select “Billing Summary”
  • The billing summary page will display all of your Guarantor accounts
  • On each account, there is an option to pay the outstanding balance, click “Pay Now”
  • Follow the prompts to make payments.

You can also make payments if you are not the account owner. To make payments;

  • Visit
  • Click “Pay My Bill”
  • Enter your account number
  • Enter the Guarantor’s last name
  • Verify the captcha
  • Click “Next” and follow the prompts to make payment for your bills

MyChartPLUS Customer Service

If you are still having issues making payments into your account, you should contact their customer service right away. To contact their customer service;

  • Visit
  • Scroll down the page
  • Click “FAQs”
  • Scroll down the page and you will see an email address or phone number with which you can contact customer care.

Payment can be made either into one’s account or for another person meaning you don’t have to be an account owner to help someone make payments.

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