Check Price Status – Check Dealerapp Prize Status Check Price Status website enables you to see if you qualify for the offer from the dealer app. Dealerapps is running the promotion of My Prize Status and is famous for auto dealers’ useful and valuable solutions for advertisement purposes. Check Price Status

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To check the status of your prize, you will need to visit in order to know your chances of winning the offer. Furthermore, you can get gift cards, wine tastings, trips, Barry Sanders cards, and cold hard cash in the winning prizes. Check Price Status is a website designed for people who had served their autos from one dealer to another and also have their invitation code. They are issued an invitation code that they used to get a prize and check the status of their offer.

Moreover, the card is also used for making a good deal in business, it also comes with outstanding benefits for customers- when they make any e-transaction they always receive some coins and scratch cards.

Dealerapp Prize Status

If you have an invitation for this price status, you will also receive a code that helps you check your status of prizes. Some businesses also decided to advertise so they make advertisements for solutions that they offer to the customer.

However, the online price center is available 24 hours. In the steps to begin, you will require to provide your zip code and PIN.

Moreover, for availing of the winning chance, you must check out the eligibility as one should be above or up to 18 years old and a US resident.

How to Check Dealerapp Prize Status

If you qualify to get the prize and you have won the prize, but you don’t know how to check the status, kindly do the following;

These are procedures on how to check your prize status at the dealer app website. You will be able to see the status of the price. Is it delivered or not or what is the status of the prize you can easily see from there?

Dealerapp Prize Status Customer Service Number

If you have any doubt and any question related to prizes status you are to contact customer care. Or If you think there is any mistake or any delay in your package you’re supposed to contact customer care, but currently, there’s no customer service info at

Maybe the customer service details including phone number will be available on the main Prize Status page.

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