Activate (Citi activate card) is the official website of Citibank where Cardholders activate their new CitiBank credit card. Whether you are a new Cardholder or an old Cardholder, before you use your Citibank cc for the first time, it must pass through the activation process. Activate

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However, activating your credit card gives you access to use the card. Because during the activation process your will be creating a secret PIN, which you will use to transact with your credit card. Activate

Citi activation does not come at a cost. It is free. Citibank offers different credit card activation processes such as online, phone, in-store, etc. Cardholders can choose any of the methods, depending on the most convenient.

However, activating online seems like the most convenient and easy way to activate a credit card. So if you want to activate your new Citibank credit card online the section below explains it all.

How to Activate Citibank Credit Card Online – Citi Activate

Here is how to carry out your card activation citi.

The above steps are steps on how to activate your new Citibank card online.

Citi Mobile App Activate Card

To activate your CitiBank credit card via App, you will need to download the CitiBank app.

  • Thus, to download the CitiBank app visit the Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • After downloading the app, launch it.
  • Next, scroll down to the sign On or login field. You should see the Activate button.
  • Click on the activate button and enter your card number
  • Then follow the instructions on the screen.

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Citi Card Activation Number

One of the ways to go through your Citi Card Activation is via call. Searching for CitiBank activation phone number? If you find it difficult to activate your card online, another amazing way to activate it is by dialing the CitiBank customer care phone number.

The CitiBank customer service is available 24/7 to assist you with the activation process. Visit the CitiBank credit card page to get the correct phone number.

Citibank Credit Card Online Login

Follow the guidelines below to log in to your CitiBank credit card account online

If you take the above steps correctly, you’ll log in successfully to your account.

Citibank Credit Card Online Payment

To pay your Citibank card bills online follow the directives beneath

These are procedures for CitiBank online bill payment.

Citibank Credit Cards

Citibank offers amazing credit cards with lots of rewards benefits and perks.

Credit card reward points are the rewards points that Cardholders earn when they make purchases on their credit card.  Below are the type of cards CitiBank offers

  • Balance Transfer Credit Cards
  • 0% Intro APR Credit Cards
  • Rewards Credit Cards
  • Cash Back Credit Cards
  • Travel Credit Cards
  • Small Business Credit Cards

Online Citibank Card Application

You can apply for a CitiBank card by phone or online. To apply by phone call the phone number at the top of their official website. The steps under, are steps to apply for the card online

  • Proceed to Citi’s official website at
  • Locate the card you want to apply for
  • Click on the “ Learn more and Apply Now” button. The button is at the right corner of the page, beneath the picture of the card.
  • Enter the following info, name, home address, SSN, DOB, country, phone number, and email address.
  • Enter the security word and your financial info.
  • Select your type of account.
  • Add an authorized user (optional)
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click on the “agree & submit” button.

These are steps to apply for the card online Credit Card Customer Service

Citibank credit card customer service officers are ready to help you 24/7. So, for more help and assistance, kindly contact their agents over the phone.

However, to get their customer service phone number, go to their official website. On their website, scroll to the bottom of the page, under the contact us section. The phone numbers are outlined, specifying representative phone numbers for consumers and business cardholders.

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