Sony Moves to Acquire the Playroom Developers – Why now in 2021?

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What we know today is that Sony Moves to Acquire the Playroom Developers. Sony reported that it will gain UK-based studio Firesprite, the designers of The Playroom and The Playroom VR. It’s hazy what Firesprite may be chipping away at in its new first-party limit, yet chiefs are as of now building up what’s to come.

Sony Moves to Acquire the Playroom Developers
Sony Moves to Acquire the Playroom Developers

“Firesprite’s capacity to weave top tier ongoing interaction with new innovation is outstanding and I figure fans will be amped up for their imaginative vision for the future,” Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, said in a public statement.

Sony Moves to Acquire the Playroom Developers

Firesprite was established by staff members from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Liverpool studio, so there are now solid associations between the two organizations.

While Firesprite’s involvement in The Playroom VR could propose that the organization is chipping away at a game for Sony’s cutting edge PlayStation VR headset, in a meeting with, Hulst didn’t focus on anything.

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“It’s too soon to discuss what explicit stages or encounters that we will team up on with Firesprite,” he said. “In any case, that experience [in VR] is entirely important.”

Final Words

Firesprite will be the fourteenth studio in the PlayStation Studios arrangement. The securing is the third in the thing’s been something of a purchasing binge for Sony lately; it procured Returnal designer Housemarque in June and Dutch studio Nixxes in July.

Other PlayStation Studios incorporates enormous names like Ratchet and Clank engineers Insomniac Games, Horizon Zero Dawn designers Guerrilla Games, and The Last of Us engineers Naughty Dog.

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