Top 15 Emergency Medicine Residency Programs in 2023

Are you in search of the Top 15 Emergency Medicine Residency Programs in 2023? Emergency Medicine Residency is an avenue for medical personnel to grow their expertise and specialty. Emergency Medicine Residency is the branch of medicine that deals with evaluating, recognizing, and treating patients.

Top 15 Emergency Medicine Residency Programs in 2023

This is a fast-paced, high-stress, and diverse field that requires a wide basis of medical knowledge. Experts in this field start resuscitation and stabilization, and also investigations and interventions to diagnose and treat illnesses.

Emergency Medicine Residents take care of critical health issues or patients. They are highly skilled medical specialists who respond to medical emergencies. There are schools that offer top Emergency Medicine Residency Programs. Here is a list of the schools that offers the top 15 Emergency Medicine Residency;

#1 LAC+USC Medical Center

The University of Southern California’s Keck Medical School, established in 1885 is the region’s first medical school and the university’s second professional school. This medical school specializes in the causes, progression, and treatment of degenerative brain disorders.

Some of the degenerative brain disorders are Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other severe diseases. This medical school has an acceptance rate of 4.96%.

#2 UCLA Harbor Medical Center

The Harbor-UCLA Medical Center’s Emergency Drug Residency Program, established in 1978 is one of the country’s first emergency medicine residency programs. This center has a high-acuity emergency department that accepts Central students.

This is a trauma center, pediatric critical care center, care, and paramedic training center, pediatric trauma center, stroke center, and academic STEMI. UCLA has an acceptance rate of 12%.

#3 Denver Health Medical Center

The Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine has been the leader in emergency medicine resident education since its beginning. Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine teaches, trains, and prepares emergency medicine residents to be unrivaled clinicians.

#4 Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Residency Program

This is one of the country’s oldest emergency medicine residency programs that allow residents to work and learn in a big urban hospital setting. This program is a four-year curriculum program that allows residents to focus on a specific area of interest, allowing them to gain more knowledge. John Hopkins University is ranked the top internal medicine residencies with an acceptance rate of 11%.

#5 Carolinas Medical Center

This is one of a few medical centers approved by North Carolina. CMC offers residency programs and fellowships in 13 medical and dental disciplines. This medical center is one of the best children’s hospitals in the United States in eight specialties.

This program lasts for 3 years and only accepts standard electronic applications through ERAS. Carolinas College of Health Sciences’ acceptance rate is 35.3%.

#6 Alameda Health System Highland Hospital

Alameda Health System Highland Hospital Emergency has been in existence and has trained great clinicians and leaders since 1980. Highland’s alumni have applied their knowledge from Alameda Health System Highland Hospital Emergency in administration, residency and fellowship leadership, research, and clinical practice at both university and private facilities. This program lasts for 4 years.

#7 Massachusetts General Hospital

Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency Program provides a vibrant experience for anyone interested in furthering their medical education. They provide a comprehensive and diverse learning experience that prepares individuals to advance in the field of Emergency Medicine.

#8 Cook County Health and Hospitals System

The Cook County Emergency Medicine residency educates trainees and many social determinants that affect the patient population. This hospital system was established in 1987 to provide high-quality health care to all Cook County residents. This program lasts for four years.


#9 Hennepin Healthcare

Hennepin County Medical Center Department of Emergency Medicine’s physicians, assistants, and staff provide emergency medical care for Minneapolis, Minnesota. Hennepin Healthcare is a comprehensive treatment system in Minneapolis and Hennepin County that comprises a globally recognized level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center.

#10 Indiana University School of Medicine

The Indiana University School of Medicine is a national leader in emergency medicine, and it also operates in an atmosphere with a robust research infrastructure. This school of medicine offers two ACGME-accredited emergency medicine residency programs.

#11 University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati’s Department of Emergency Medicine is one of the country’s oldest resident programs. This program also recruits outstanding medical students.

#12 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

This residency offers possibilities in research, education, clinical training, and administration. Intensive Care Medicine (ICU) Weekly conferences, monthly journal clubs, and basic didactics are part of the resident’s schedule.

#13 Duke University School of Medicine

Duke Emergency Medicine Residency Training Program has provided knowledge and practical skills for residents. This program is propelled to new heights by the incredible leadership and peer-to-peer teaching provided by residents.

#14 Stanford University School of Medicine

Stanford University School of Medicine EMRP has trained compassionate life-savers, dedicated doctors, and brilliant researchers over the years. This program has been designed to encourage learning and innovation and develop skilled doctors.

#15 Washington University School of Medicine

The Emergency Medicine Residency is a part of Graduate Medical Education (GME) at Washington University. Clinical exposure and expertise are combined with start-of-the-art facilities, large patient volumes, and great acuity, as well as non-clinical resources, research, and educational possibilities. This program last for four years.

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