Ultimatewwecard.com is the official web page, where you will find all information relating to WWE Card. The WWE champion credit card is issued by Credit One Bank. Credit One Bank is one of the fastest-growing cc issuers in the country.


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Further, the bank has announced the launch of the WWE Champion Credit Card, which is the first credit card unveiled as part of the multi-year agreement with global entertainment company WWE.


The WWE Champion Credit Card gives card members the opportunity to show off their love of WWE as they show off their cash back rewards on everyday purchases.

The card is designed to help their customers get more for their money, in unique and rewarding ways.

The company is giving their fans the opportunity to not only earn cash back rewards but get exclusive opportunities on WWE merchandise and experiences with the new wwechampion Credit Card from Credit One Bank.

WWE Champions Credit Card

The WWE Card offers benefits including:

  • Cash back rewards on eligible internet, cable, satellite TV, and mobile phone services
  • A cash back reward on qualified dining purchases
  • 1% cash back rewards on all other purchases
  • WWE merchandise discounts
  • Get up to 10% cash back rewards from participating merchants through the More Rewards Program

These are some of the benefits of shopping with the Champions CC.

WWE Champions Credit Card Application

There are two ways to apply for this card. First, apply through the card offer code. Secondly, Checking Prequalify status before proceeding to apply. If you received an invitation offer from the bank, to start the application process, you will need to accept the offer, first by providing your offer code.

However, if you were not invited through a mail offer, you will need to check if you prequalify for the card before you start applying.

The sections below will be guiding you on how to accept the mail offer and how to check your Pre-qualification status online.

How to Check If you Prequalify

See If You Prequalify, by following these steps;

  • Move to https://www.creditonebank.com/credit-cards/wwe/wwe-champion
  • From the menu field, tap on See if you Prequalify tab
  • Please provide the following information:
    First Name
    Middle Initial
    Last Name
    Mailing Address
    Zip Code
    Email Address
    Main Phone Number
    Social Security Number
    Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY)
    Your Total Monthly Income
  • Finally, tap on see Card Offer

Follow the onscreen directives.

How to Accept Ultimate WWE Card Offer

To accept the offer do this;

After accepting the offer, it should redirect you to the application page. You may have to provide info such as name, address, SSN, ZIP code, income details, etc.

When you have successfully applied, you can wait for a reply from the bank or proceed to check your application status online.

How to Check WWE Champions Credit Card Application Status

To check your application status, Kindly follow the steps beneath;

You will successfully check your status using the above guide.

How to Activate Your WWE Champions CC

To activate your champions CC you will need to contact the customer service Agent. You can get the customer service phone number at the back of your CC. Then place a call across, and follow the on-call directives.

You can also get the customer service number from their website, kindly read the Customer service section -the last section in this write-up.

Champion Credit Card Sign Up

Sign up for online banking today and enjoy every benefit it offers. With this online banking account, you can manage your credit card account with ease. Pay your bills, check your balance, track your transactions, and lots more.

How to Sign Up for WWE Credit Card Account

To register your cc for online banking, the following steps are for you

These are steps to sign up for an online access account.

WWE Champions Credit Card Login

There are benefits Cardholders enjoy when they access their account. When you log into your CC account you will easily make your payment, access your card balance, and track your transactions online. This is the easiest way to manage your credit card account.

How to Login to WWE Champions CC

To log into your CC account, take these steps;

These are steps to access your WWE CC account.

WWE Champion Credit Card Payment

Take the steps beneath to make your payment;

You will successfully pay your bills with these steps.

Credit one bank WWE Champions CC Customer Service

If you have any questions or you have issues accessing your account, checking your application status, etc. Kindly contact the customer service officer. To get their number, do this;

These are procedures to get the customer service phone number.

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