Activate – Activate Your US Bank Rewards Credit Card Online Activate is the official activation website for US bank rewards credit cards. Cardholders who just received a new CC from the US bank must activate the card in order to use it, otherwise, the card remains useless. However, if you’re a new Cardholder, this content will guide you on the activation process. Activate

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US bank offers three different ways Cardholders can activate their new rewards. You can activate using the following medium

  • Online
  • Mobile App
  • In-store
  • Phone

To use any of the above mediums, the sections below will guide you through.

How to Activate Your US Bank Rewards Credit Card Online

Take the steps below to activate your new Us bank rewards card online;

These are steps to activate online.

How to Activate Your US Bank Rewards Credit Card using the Mobile App

To activate your new cc via the mobile app, do this;

  • Go to the play store/apps store
  • Download and install the US bank app on your smartphone
  • Register for online access
  • Navigate with the onscreen directives to activate your card.

These are steps to activate your CC through the mobile app.

How to Activate US Bank Rewards Credit Card in-store

Follow these steps to activate your CC at the nearest Us bank branch:

  • Take your debit card to any U.S. Bank branch
  • Inside the banking hall, locate the customer service desk
  • Make your request known to the Agent
  • You will be given the activation form
  • Follow the guide to complete the CC activation.

These are procedures to activate your new at the bank branch.

How to Find the Nearest US Bank

Follow the steps under to locate the closest Us bank;

The nearest branch address should appear on the screen.

How to Activate US Bank Rewards CC Over the Phone

Another easy way to activate your cc is by contacting the customer service representative.

  • Dial their phone number
  • Follow the guide from the customer service
  • Fill in the required info to activate your card.

If you don’t have the Customer service phone, check the back of your card or read the section under it.

US Bank Customer Service Number

For help and support, you can get the US bank customer service representative’s phone number following this guide;

Scroll down to search for the customer support phone number.

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