USCIS Case Status | How to Check My USCIS Case Status

After submitting your immigration application, it is greatly recommended that you keep track of your immigration application, request or request.  If want to know the Status of your immigration application form, petition or request, then you have to track your USCIS Case Status.

USCIS Case Status | How to Check My USCIS Case Status

The USCIS gets thousands of applications, petitions and request yearly, hence, application processing times differs on the type of case you have filed for and where you filed. Whichever way, application and petitions take some months before it is approved. In order not to be put in the dark, it is best you keep tracking your USCIS case status.

Checking the status of your USCIS immigration is straightforward and easy. You can check your application status directly from your mobile device using the online tool provided by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. If you are new to tracking USICS case Status, this article will help you track yours with ease.

How to Check My USCIS Case Status

To save the stress and enlighten applicants on the status of their USICS immigration case study, the U.S. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services designed the Case Status online tool to allow applicants to track the status of their immigration application, request and petition.

It is very easy and straightforward to check my uscis case status. To track your immigration or petition application, you can use your smartphone browser or Desktop browser. All you need to do is not provide the necessary information needed. It is also mandatory that you provide the right details, so you can get your status result.

USCIS Case Status Application Requirement

To check your USCIS immigration status, there are necessary requirements that are compulsory you provide.  Not only that, the requirements must be correct. Below are the basic information needed.

  • A well-secured browser
  • Your application Receipt Number

Ensure you have the above-listed details and that they are correct. Remember to copy your Receipt number correctly and in the right order. Suppose you have these requirements, you can access the Check status online tool.

If you already submitted your immigration application, petition or request application, there are different ways to track the Status of your case. I will be giving a detailed guide on how to check the status of your application.

How to Check your USCIS Immigration Case Status Online

Provided you entered the right information you will receive the results on your Application, petition or request. If your request is still under process, the system will indicate or if it is already approved, the system will indicate.

USCIS Case Status by Email

Another way to check your USCIS case status is via email. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have an email address that you can use to inquire about your case status. You can sign up to get automatic daily updates in your mail inbox when you create an account with USCIS. You have to sign up for USCIS case updates.

How to Check via Phone number

Another way to check your USCIS case Status is to call the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration official toll line. You can call to speak to a Department representative. A customer representative is always available to take calls. Ensure you have the necessary requirements before you place the call. You can request the status of your case over the phone and get results.

How to Check your Status In-Person

If you would like to find out the Status of your case in person, you can schedule an appointment with the nearest local USCIS office around you. Use the tool to find a local office around you. You can book an appointment by visiting

USCIS Customer Service

If you have any enquiries or complaints that you will like to lay out, you can contact the USCIS customer care service to speak to a representative. The service is available 24/7 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. You can contact the USCIS Contact centre at, on the homepage, click on “Get Information” to get a staff representative number.

USCIS Contact Center

The USCIS contact centre helps applicants get First-hand information and instant help once they visit the web portal. The portal contains help with online tools, USCIS contact centre representative information, and answered questions to help you get fast answers.


Check out the below frequently asked questions about USCIS.

Can I Track the Status of my USCIS Case Without a Receipt?

No, you cannot check your USCIS case status without a receipt. If you don’t have a receipt you can’t check your status online.

What is my USCIS Receipt Number?

Your receipt number is the 13-character code is found on your Notice of Action. It is one of the vital information you need to track your USCIS Case Status.

How Long will my USCIS Case Status Processing Time Take?

Processing times differ and sometimes it takes longer than expected. You can visit to check your processing times status.

Can I Check my Immigration Status by Name?

No, to check your immigration status, you need your Receipt Number. Use your receipt number to view your status.

When will my USCIS Case Status be Approved?

Different forms and cases have different processing times. However, the case takes several months before it is approved or even a year.

How do I Schedule an Appointment with USCIS?

To schedule an appointment with a USCIS representative, go to

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