Webcrims is an online website that provides information regarding criminal cases. You will find the info such as the case number, the date of the next hearing, and many more. Thus, an E-COURTS portal provides info on crimes someone has been charged with.


Webcrims NY-E Court website is run by New York State. That is the Criminal ECOURT Site for New York is Webcrims.

However, to find out more about webcrims, endeavor to read to the end. This post will be unveiling lots of information about the website.

Webcrims – nys webcrims

The website was created to facilitate access to all criminal cases online with just a tap. The platform updates all future appearances on a regular basis.

However, the platform also covers information from criminal courts in several cities, such as

  • New York City
  • Suffolk
  • Nassau Counties
  • The County Court in Erie County
  •  County Courts in the Ninth Judicial District
  • The City Court of Buffalo and many more

Webcrims NY – webcrims new york

To be current with updates on criminal cases in NY, you need to visit the website regularly. However, Webcrims provides answers to various questions like,

  • Who has been charged in New York?
  • who has been arrested in New York?
  • And what criminal charges they are facing?

Webcrims Search for a Case Number

The case number is what you use to find information about a particular case online. The case number and summons number are unique to every case filed in a court, which is a better approach in finding a particular case. Thus, with the number, you don’t have to search multiple files before finding or Locating the file case you’re searching for. it’s

On the website, you can decide whether to read the information on webcrims NY’s (ny webcrims)homepage or to download it in pdf format and view it with a pdf viewer program.

Webcrims Search for the Defendant

Right on the website, you can use this search engine to locate information about a case or summons. To achieve this, enter the defender’s first and last name or the corporation’s name on the search bar.

Also, you must include at least 2 characters for each of his or her first and last names and at least 5 characters for the corporation’s name as you search.

Search for a Court Date

To find the Court date, go to the search tool at Webcrims website, and key in the Court Part or Judge, it will generate the Court calendar. Though, only the County and Supreme Courts have access to it.

You must select the court that will hear the case. Thus, is only webcrims that will be able to find the court calendar for the various courts after filling the form.

Also, you will need to enter the start date and finish date, which will represent the period for which the court calendar should be shown.

How to Find Case on Webcrims

You can find cases using case identifier, defendant name, or court calendar.

To find a case Identifier, use the summons number or the case number on WebCriminal, to locate the case.

To find the defendant’s Name, go to the search tool to type the defendant’s name and at least two letters of the initial name.

For Court Calendar, this is an additional court calendar search is an additional search option. You use it to retrieve the active cases based on the dates on the calendar.

Webcriminal Login

To log into Webcrims platform, you must meet the following prerequisites

  • The platform can be accessed by only those who have been granted access.
  • By logging into the platform, you must acknowledge that you are a legitimate user.
  • If you’re not authorized to use Webcrims login and attempt to do so, you can be prosecuted for a crime
  • Users must acknowledge that the device used to log into Web crims is being watched by an authorized user.

However, if you don’t want to risk facing the wrath of the law, if you’re not authorized, do not attempt to log onto



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