Webmail Telus is an email service now powered by Google. It allows you to handle your telus.net email from any computer, smartphone, or tablet with Internet accessibility. However, to utilize Webmail Telus, you will need to log in with your username and password.

Webmail Telus

Also, to access your TELUS email, kindly update your bookmarks with the new login page at email.telus.net. Then, you will be redirected to your new TELUS email login page.

Webmail Telus

When you sign up for TELUS Internet, if you were asked to make a username and password at the process, then your TELUS.net email address is the username you have selected + @telus. Net.

For instance:

  • Username: name.
  • Email address: name@telus.net.
  • Password: the password you chose when you sign up.

Note: When you log into your webmail for the first time, you may be asked to change the password you chose at signup. If so, use this new password instead.

Webmail Telus Login

You can log in to Webmail and find your TELUS Webmail address within My Account. Follow the steps below to login

  • Go to webmail.telus.net
  • Key in your email/username
  • Provide your password.
  • Then, tap on the Continue button.

Can’t remember your TELUS email address? However, if you forgot your password or username, then feel free to contact customer service. Alternatively, follow the password reset steps to recover your account.

Telus Email Migration

Telus, transferring your globetrotter.net email address to telus.net. the platform is migrating all customers to an upgrade email service. However, it is partnering with Google to make email more reliable, secure, and powerful for customers.

The main purpose of the migration is to provide their customers with the best possible email experience. The company is in the process of moving all existing Globetrotter.net emails, plus associated email addresses and accounts to telus.net. A messaging account powered by Google.

Just for instance, the address Mary.doe@globetrotter.net will now become Mary.doe@telus.net.

Telus Webmail Hosting

This transition from the old address to Telus.net will require you to take action, which will mean a change in how you access your Globetrotter.net email today.

However, your data will remain under the governance of TELUS’ stringent privacy protocols.

Also with the email hosting, you will not get ads on your email and will continue to get support from TELUS.

Here are contents that will migrate to the new address

  • Pictures and attachments within your email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar events
  • Alternative email accounts.

What happens After Migrating Your Account

After migrating your account, you will benefit from

  • Increased reliability through a globally-available cloud-based platform
  • Enhance security
  • 15 GB of storage space, which is triple the current storage capacity.

How to Migrate to Webmail Telus

If your Globetrotter email account did not migrate yet, you will receive an invitation from Telus.

Then proceed with the guide in the email to securely schedule your migration date. Then, select the details of your migration.

Take note; because of the number of customers who use TELUS email, they may not be migrating all accounts using a phased approach.


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