What Happens When You Accept An Offer On Facebook Marketplace?

Wondering What Happens When You Accept An Offer On Facebook Marketplace? Facebook marketplace is a platform where Facebook users buy and sell online. However, on the platform, if a seller allows offers on their listings, you’ll be able to negotiate a price with them. After you make an offer, the seller will choose to sell or not to sell to you.

What Happens When You Accept An Offer On Facebook Marketplace

The thing here is, buyers before accepting an offer, might be in doubt. That’s why they want to know what happens after he/she accepts an offer from a seller on the marketplace.

Furthermore, if you are eager to know the next thing that follows after accepting an offer on the FB market platform, endeavor to read to the end.

What Happens When You Accept an Offer on Facebook Marketplace?

See how it works; Once the order is received, you will be notified via email that you have a pending order. When this offer comes in, you will have five days to accept or decline the offer. So, if the offer is declined or not responded to, the person who sent the offer will get an automated notification that the offer was not accepted or rather declined.

But, if you accept the offer, it will be converted to an order at the price of the offer accepted. Now, the buyer will receive an order/purchase confirmation with a normal order.  And after that, the system will select the cheapest shipping cost available for the item purchased by the buyer.

Buyers also have the option to change the shipping cost. To do so, click on the Edit button, beside the shipping cost.

Offers on Facebook Marketplace – How Does It Work?

Offering on the FB marketplace has to do with indicating one’s interest in a particular product or item listed by a seller.  When you come across the item you want to buy, you will see the price tagged by the seller, if you’re not okay with the price, you are free to enter the amount you want to offer. To be more practical on this, check out the step-by-step guide on how to make an offer.

How to Make an Offer On Facebook Marketplace?

To make an offer on the market platform, Kindly follow the guide listed below;

  • Go to https://m.facebook.com
  • On the FB news feed click on the Marketplace.
  • Click on an item you want to buy.
  • Click on Make an offer.
  • Type in the amount you’d like to offer, then tap Review offer.
  • Go through your offer, then click on Place Order.

These are the best way to make an offer on the FB market platform.

How Do I Accept An Offer As A Buyer On Facebook Marketplace?

You’ve seen an item you would want to buy and the offer is okay by you, but don’t know how to accept the offer? If yes, read below;

You will receive a notification message on your email, at the top of the order page that there is a pending offer for you as a buyer.

During this time, you have only to accept or decline the offer made. Simply click on the accept offer button to kick off the order process.

How to sell on the FB Marketplace?

To list an item on the platform, do this;

  • Login to facebook.com
  • Pres on the Marketplace icon,
  • Next, hit the ‘Create new listing’ button.
  • Fill in an item title, description, and price.
  • Choose the category of the item.
  • Then Confirm your location.

These are procedures to sell on the FB marketplace.

What are the Rules for Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace Rules

Find out the rules guiding the marketplace below;

On the platform, there are certain items that cannot be sold. Facebook maintains a list of items that are not allowed to be sold on Marketplace. Check that on the help page.

  • You must sell a physical item.
  • The description of the product must match the image.
  • Before-and-after pictures are also prohibited.

That’s it for this article.

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