What Happens When You Report A Seller On Facebook Marketplace? This has been one of the trending questions on google as regards to FB marketplace. People want to know the fate of the FB marketplace place after their account has been reported.

What Happens When You Report A Seller On Facebook Marketplace

If you want to know what awaits a reported seller on the marketplace, this write-up is for you. But before we move into that would like to give a brief definition of what the FB marketplace is.

Facebook marketplace is an online marketplace designed by Facebook, where people buy and sell.  Just like other online marketplace, sellers place their Items on listing for buyers to access and indicate interest if they like the item.

What Happens When You Report A Seller On Facebook Marketplace

There are several reasons why sellers on the platform are reported. Sometimes buyers encounter issues with their Marketplace order and sellers or products might violate Facebook Commerce Policies.

When such a thing happens, reporting the seller becomes the next option. However, to answer the Key focus of this content “ What happens when you report a seller on the Facebook marketplace?” Have it in mind that Facebook may suspend or ban sellers if they go against their Commerce Policies.

Also, Buyers who file fraudulent claims are also subject to consequences outlined in the Purchase Protection policies.

How to Report or Hide a Listing on Facebook Marketplace

To report or hide a listing do the following;

  • Go to facebook.com
  • From your News Feed, in the left menu, tap Marketplace.
  • Select a listing that you want to report or hide.
  • Select Hide item or Report post.

Follow the direction on the screen to submit your report.

How Do I Report Something on Facebook Marketplace?

Learn what to do if you encounter an issue with your Marketplace order, or how to contact Facebook if the seller hasn’t responded to your message.

So, if you think a seller or product violates Fb Commerce Policies, you can report them using the steps below;

  • Login to facebook.com
  • Go to your News Feed, then click on Marketplace.
  • Tap on a listing from the seller that you want to report.
  • Pres on the name of the seller.
  • Hit below the seller’s name.
  • Click on Report Seller.

Follow the on-screen steps to successfully report the seller.

Keep in mind that Fb may suspend or ban sellers if they go against our Commerce Policies.

How to Report a Buyer On Facebook Marketplace

To report a buyer on the market platform, follow the steps beneath;

  • Login to Facebook
  • Proceed to your News Feed, tap, then tap Marketplace.
  • Click at the top right.
  • Select Your Listings.
  • Click on a listing that the buyer sent you a message about or purchased.
  • Press on your messages with the buyer. If you’re having trouble finding the messages, click See All.
  • Select the buyer’s name from your messages.
  • Click from the buyer’s Commerce Profile.
  • Select Report.
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions.

Take note; Buyers who file fraudulent claims are also subject to consequences outlined in our Purchase Protection policies.

Facebook Marketplace Contact Number

Encounter any issue on the Facebook Marketplace? The marketplace does not have any general contact number or customer care number. The marketplace is run by different individuals and there’s no phone number available for you to put a call across if problems arise.

However, Facebook has provided a medium to which users can use to find most answers relating to the platform. Marketplace users can find their answers at the Facebook Marketplace help page using this link https://m.facebook.com/help/

On the help link, you will find out how to report a buyer or seller on the Marketplace if the need arises.


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