Why is Squid Game so Popular and a Great Alternative to Money Heist

Do you know Why is Squid Game so Popular? Honestly, i can’t tell if it’s those orange/red jumpsuits or the masks but they are really beginning to work wonders for movie producers so far. Squid game is the second Netflix movie featuring jumpsuits and guns to automatically blow up and top the charts after La Casa De Papel (popularly known as money heist).

Why is Squid Game so Popular

If you recall correctly, this is the exact same time frame of which money heist became viral. While the story behind money heist is a little skeptical, squid game managed to bring the same thrill to a perfect and easy-to-understand story.

Why is Squid Game so Popular

One of the reasons why Squid Game is so popular is because of its ability to create real time suspense and thrill. In addition to this, there is the awesome orange/red jumpsuits and masks of which people are beginning to love these days.

A big shout out to Netflix as they’ve once again lived up to the name, reputation, and hype. If you haven’t seen the TV show “Squid Game”, you should go and see it right away. It’s currently available on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

Note: Squid Game is a great alternative to money heist.

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